Using Marmalead for Etsy SEO

Using Marmalead for Etsy SEO

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In this video I was live in my FB group talking about ways that I use Marmalead to find the best keywords for my listings. Join the FB group to see these live:

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okay good lord sorry about that guys let me see if anybody's trying to get into this group no no I don't think so um okay I'm sorry about that and I want to make sure that I'm actually broadcasting in here remembers blah blah blah let me refresh this I was over on YouTube I was going to do a live stream over there yeah I am life um I was on YouTube doing a live stream can't do it for some reason YouTube was not letting me show the marmalade window which is a little critical if you're going to be doing a video about marmalade right so let me adjust this a little bit okay so first of all the software that I'm using lets me broadcast in here and it you guys can see the screen so if you have questions post them if I'm talking and I don't answer your question right away it's because I don't see the questions live in the software that I'm using okay but I will get up I'll kind of pop back and forth and check them out so let's see does anybody have any questions first of all about marmalade and the ways to use it better because I know that people have a lot of questions about the grades but when I asked my Etsy SEO group you know what questions do you have about marmalade not one person asked about the grades which just was very surprising to me because everybody always seems to have a lot of questions about the grades in the morrow leave group and that kind of thing so if you guys have questions please post them because I could start or I could answer some questions first and I will say that the marmalade guys I messaged Gordon about something this week and he said that they have some new features coming which is always fun okay well this okay you have to you do have to pay for services you know it in marmalade is a tool to use to get traffic to your shop just because you get traffic to your shop it doesn't mean that you're gonna make sales so there's a lot more that goes into it but doing keyword research is really important because if you're trying to get seen for specific keywords you might as well have them be keywords that people are actually using and looking to find your items with you know what I mean and you know free services are one thing but when you know whenever whenever I tell people you know you get what you pay for and also you wouldn't want people to come to you and ask for something for free all the time either and I understand that it's hard but you know it's it's I think it's like $19 a month how much is it a month it's not that much and it's tax deductible usually if it's a business expense oh my husband just came home hello I'm broadcasting so Shh okay what has changed now in this site and is so important for us I'm not sure what that question means you mean what's changed in marm elite or what's changed in Etsy Etsy has not changed anything they're changing their refining the way that they use search and they're doing that kind of thing but Marmalade hasn't changed but they say they're going to be adding some things that are new features so that's good so if you guys have questions about how to use Marmalade more effectively please post those as I'm talking and I will try to get to them but I'm just gonna go into it let's see okay so when you get to normally the first thing you're gonna see is the search bar okay and they used to have my listings first which is all the grades I want to show you my grades because my grades are not super high I don't strive to get a plus because the grade is just an indication that you might want to go in and look to see if you can do something a little bit better according to Ed C's handbook standards okay but I know and most people know who'd make a lot of sales that Etsy says one thing and then they might handle things a different way just a little bit and the one the most important thing to take note of is that if you're selling something like I sell this mold pretty frequently if something is selling don't change it don't go and change the title and tags because if Etsy has decided that there's something they like about this this listing for a certain keyword or whatever don't change it because when an SI decides that they like a listing for something they're going to keep showing that so you don't want to give some thing is selling don't change it so that's that's the one big mistake I see people making is that they go in and try to change things according to what someone says though you need to do this you need to do that and they're going to change their best sellers don't change hit okay there's no reason to change it now these are not showing you my grades now oh come on now it was okay I just want to say I do not use I rank and we're familiar with marmalade so I'm not I only show like you know if I'm going to go in and explain a program I can explain things that I use a lot but I'm not familiar with other things like there's I don't use canva a lot I'm not going to do a video about canva you know there's there's programs that I don't use I use marmalade so there we go okay marmalade and ear ink are different they use different data marmalades data is different it's more worldwide go into the marmalade group and ask that there's a somebody had posted the question there about where they get their data and it's different so you're going to get different results based on different tools if you go to google analytics you're going to get a different result but I use marmalade so that so we're going to be looking at and let me see alright so if you're in normally you're looking at the grades the the grades are just there to tell you whether they think based on what Etsy like their best practices if you could go in and check to see if you can improve something see mine are all B's and C pluses I sold every single one of these things yesterday so you don't really need to stress out about the grades too much but there are some interesting things in the grades that I was not aware of because I never look at the grades and if you go down to this title readability section is not used as part of the grading but it's just kind of a tool to tell you like how you might be able to improve it based on my Calot shown this is the full listing title here and this is how it's shown on the mobile app product page and this is how it's shown in the mobile app search results so this is the kind of thing that could be useful because if you've got a whole bunch of keywords at the beginning which you should have always been doing this always write the title for the customer don't worry about the search engine so much because NC sees the entire title for search engine results but the customer might only see this ok so if they're doing a search for a sand dollar mold this is what they're gonna see in the mobile app results as they're scrolling through and you don't want this to be something like if you're doing a painting you don't want to put the title of the painting there you want to say what it is so always say what the thing is right at the front of the title not for the search engine but for the customer so this is interesting because this can show you how the titles look and then this tells you all your focus keywords I really don't pay attention to this stuff too much I don't do my tags the way that they would make sense so it's not gonna register as a longtail keyword or not so I'm not worried about that but I just wanted you know most people have a lot of questions about the grades in any program and it's really not as critical as you think it's just a tool so that you can see if you've got a low grade on something you can go in and kind of check to see what's what's something that you could change okay all right let me see if anyone is trying to get into this group right now yes move okay so when I use marmalade because really that's what I should be talking about when I use marmalade I use the comparison tool I use the search tool and I use the the storm I love the storm feature okay I'm looking at the questions it's all you okay this is this is a thing about any search tool okay you have to use your brain too because they'll give you information and if you know which ones have the best information which is normally to my opinion it has the best most comprehensive information that's why I use it but you still have to go in and make decisions based on your own information so you know again back to my listings with the grades if I see this that I have a freaked out because it's a c-plus then that's my decision whether I have to go in and change it or not I don't I don't need to because it's doing fine okay but if you want to go in that's your decision and then you go in and look at the information that they've given you and you make your own decisions based on that information so no one no one tool is going to give you exactly every single step to make sure that something cells because the SEO and the titles and tags are what get people to your listings in the search results but then there's so much more on top of it and then maybe if your pictures are too dark or the price is too high compared to the other things there's all kinds of other factors that go into it that that's the kind of thing that I do in my SEO course and if you want to sign up to find out when that's going to be open you can go to my website that's in the its turtle wins the race comm sign up for the SEO course there but no no tool can guarantee you sales they can get you the edge it can get you that edge of the SEO so that you're found in more searches and that's why you use them and that's I think that's what people tend to lose sight of let me let me go into the search tool and who wants to give me a keyword who wants to give me a keyword somebody gave me a keyword to search for just to do a random search okay and in the meantime you yeah and that the grades will change because time is part of the grading formula that they use I don't know how it normally writes their formula ok copper cuff bracelet but the formulas you know listings change placement and they move around so they kind of add the time that it's been there without being seen or something I don't know but things are gonna change so if you're really concerned about the grades and that's all you're focusing on it's not gonna it's not gonna work okay you need to use your own process okay I'm good I've got a keyword now okay I'm gonna do copper cuff bracelet because that was the first one so let's go into marmalade so if I was looking at copper cuff bracelet okay that's actually good because it's jewelry and jewelry is very saturated as we know that's a pretty specific keyword so if someone is looking for that then they probably know what they want to buy which is good but my guess is that they're still gonna be a lot of competition because it's jewelry you know there's there's just some categories that there's nothing you can do about the competition and you do end up having to drive more if you're in traffic based on that okay so that's this is actually not bad now one thing that you can do is go into your own stats go into your Etsy stats for your shop and find out what's the what's the number one keyword that is being used to find your shop or if it's like your shop name or something what's the number two but look at like the top five find the keywords that are being used to find your shot and put that into Etsy and see what the competition is like or you can put it into marmalade if you want to see if that's a good search you know just save yourself the step so put it into marmalade find out what the competition is like and if you're being found for that level of competition then that's probably what you can handle because some people say well what level of competition should I look for and if you're being found for something that's being found for almost 30,000 results on etsy then you can handle 30,000 you know if that's like your number one keyword so the copper cup bracelet brings up 204 searches and 23 11 engagement now this means that in the next 30 days based on historical data current data and marmalades formulas they're projecting that they're going to be this many searches in the next 30 days to come now the reason that they do that is because you don't want to look for stuff historically because that doesn't tell you what's going to happen so they're looking at like what happened last April in 2018 was there a lot of searches for this what happened last month what's the popularity now so they put all of this stuff together I don't I don't know what formula they use that's not my business but I do know that it's for the next thirty days so they're projecting in the future which is more useful than looking just for things in the past because if that was true we'd all be putting Valentine's Day gift up is our number one keyword right and that's not maybe in the past that was really good but right now it's not so they're saying that in the next 30 days 204 searches per month to twenty-three-eleven now this is really good because the searches are the number of people that use this exact keyword and go to sur taxi and type that in okay and then that means that they're actually clicking on on average like ten listings because the engagement is the number of listings that were interacted with after that search was made so that's really good so this is a good keyword and if you can handle this level of competition that's good now I would add more words to it just to be included for longer searches but what you do you look at that and say okay well that's that's pretty good and you know 204 searches is in the yellow but so what it's still 204 searches so and there's a lot of engagement so I really like this keyword okay now I would go down and kind of look and see this is engagement over time this is very odd I guess people don't look for copper cuff bracelets in the summer I don't know but it looks like April see based on last last year they're basing this on last year probably so let's look at that and then you can come down here limit to 100 you can expand this to more than you can expand it up to 500 listings I'm not going to worry about that now one thing that they did take out and people were asking about this is the rank like your position in search they've taken that out a long time ago because there is no clear-cut position in search anymore and one of the people in my Etsy group sent me a message and says what's going on my number-one seller is not on page one anymore and I did a search for it and for me it was on page one so she's looking at it like she's doing a search she's not clicking on it she's not buying it

7 thoughts on “Using Marmalead for Etsy SEO

  1. Hi Kara, I need help! Ever since I've got Marmalead things have got so much more confusing and I'm even doubting how the heck to do tags now! So I listed a Czech glass bee pin today and added tags including "bee pin lapel pin", and "Austrian Czech pin". My title is: "Vintage handmade CZECH GLASS insect BROOCH. Beautiful Czech crystal lapel pin with multi colored faceted glass gems. Small Bee Pin". I then searched for "bee lapel pin" and I wasn't in the Etsy search AT ALL! And yet I have those keywords AND in my titles – why am I not appearing in search? I then searched "Vintage Bee Pin" and AGAIN I am not anywhere on Search and yet I have those words in my title and all of those words (not necessarily in the same order) in the Tags. I am getting really frustrated and wondering if you might know what the heck is happening – thanks as always! Sophy 🙂

  2. Hi Kara – May i ask what advice you give to someone who sells one main item (glass clocks) and has over 100 one of a kind pieces for sale. Do you advise the listings are majoritivley the same ? How would you go about listing these items. They are all the same size, shape and prperties the only difference is the pattern and colours . I really appreciate your awesome videos. Thank you .

  3. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

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