Using The Etsy Homepage To Drive Traffic To Your Shop-- Etsy tutorials

Using The Etsy Homepage To Drive Traffic To Your Shop– Etsy tutorials

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Another example of how I use the Etsy Home Page to get direct traffic to my shop. This works sometimes but is unpredictable, but when it works it works, and I’ve definitely made sales based on doing this.

This is a method of finding keywords that will direct shoppers to listings without them thinking of what to type into the search bar. Because Etsy is choosing the SEO terms for them, you can use those terms to get more traffic to your listings by adding them to your listing titles and tags. Making sure that your listings are in the right category and fit into any filters that Etsy has used for that particular search, or make sure they’re not filtering at all.

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hey I wanted to show you this excuse me this is one way to get traffic to your shot it doesn't work all the time but it can work and it doesn't hurt so kind of you know when you come to the Etsy homepage take a look see what they're promoting that they are promoting right now fall it is what's it's October 3rd right now when I'm recording this so therefore Oni Halloween fall things you know Halloween decorations that kind of stuff this is the first time that I have seen this so I decided to click on this because if they're starting to promote Christmas it's time for you to start to talk about Christmas they know when people start shopping they're the ones doing the research so just use their marketing research for your own benefit so it clicks through this holiday gift guide and if you look up here at the top it that's the banner that's like kind of the homepage for a holiday gift guide so that's Holiday Gift Guide okay down here they've put all these different types of people so I guess if you're looking for a gift for that person you can click there and it'll take you to those types of items so what you should do is look through to see a category that sounds like it might be something that you sell so if you sell vintage here's something for vintage if you sell beauty items here's that I sell crafts things so I'm gonna do this and make sure that it actually is craft items yes it is okay so after that you look up here and see what keyword they are using to you know get get things to that page now you're never 100% sure that it's just a simple search because they have other criteria that they use for this type of page but if you have this keyword that's your first step all right so what you want to do and what I did already I went to a couple of my listings that could be under the category DIY kit and I put that keyword into the title and it's not showing up on the first page now I'm gonna filter it to under 25 because that's where it was showing it was showing up on any price but the things on these pages tend to move around a lot it's a little weird I can't really keep track of it I don't I don't care to because it's gonna have to start tracking things yeah there it is all right so here's one of them this is my listing for a fairy door mold set and I just put the term DIY kit right there I threw that into the title and into the tags and then I renewed the listing for recency so this is just an example of how you can use the traffic that Etsy is creating for its own shoppers to bring it directly to a page where your item can show up so you don't have to worry about piecing I didn't have to type anything into the search bar at all to get to this I just have to look to see what keyword they're using and see that's maximum 25 it was sewing it was showing up on the any price one let me see if I could find it on there but the point is you just want to have it included in this page somewhere because it's gonna get direct traffic from people just clicking through to see what Etsy has they're not using any kind of keyword that they have – yeah it's on this it's right on the second part like the second it's show me more kind of page so you know they're they're going through and not using any keywords at all they're just following the breadcrumbs that Etsy has dropped and going directly to the items that are here so I just do this for one or two things whenever I see an opportunity but it's definitely a good thing to do and it can't hurt it might get you a little extra traffic and try it out so just keep an eye on what Etsy has on their home page see what fits if you sell food items check that out and see you know if there's something you could do if you do Halloween decorations I did this I think on a couple of mine which I don't know if they're still listed because things tend to move around a lot but I did make a couple of sales based on this because I sold a few things that I hadn't sold for a while I listed them on like you know I did the same thing listed them on under howleen decorations and I sold a couple of them so it's you can tell it's the director's all because if it's just something that you haven't sold and all of a sudden it sells right after you do this then you know it works oh I don't see them now and since people are shopping for Halloween this tends to move a lot I don't tend to renew I'll do this and then stop I don't go back and check it but I could if I wanted to since the rest of the month is coming up but yeah I'll just move on to the Christmas one so just basically keep an eye on what they have and use that to your advantage

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