Using youtube for your Etsy shop part 2- customizing the channel, Etsy tutorials

Using youtube for your Etsy shop part 2- customizing the channel, Etsy tutorials

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Part two of how to use youtube for your Etsy shop. This goes over where to customize the look of the channel.

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all right so the next step is to customize your channel a little bit so you want to go again up to your profile and click on that and go to your channel and that will bring up this kind of channel dashboard and when you have videos uploaded you can click on that to see everything you can set up playlists which is just grouped videos and let me see if they'll let me do that right now created playlists I guess you have to do it after you have some videos okay but right now what you want to do is click on customize channel and that will take you to okay well now it's gonna let me do a playlist that'll take you to your shop banner in your shop banner your YouTube banner your channel banner and here you click the little pencil icon and change the you know the icon there you can click on this little pencil icon here and change your little banner that you have up at the top you can let's see there should be a place here to add a video let me see returning subscriber no playlists alright I'm going to go back to customize channel it might be that once you put all this stuff in there you're gonna be you're also going to see a section here that has a little place to add a video and once you start adding content you'll see other things pop up here where you can create playlists a playlist is just like I have all my Etsy videos of one playlist can't decorate any videos on one playlist so it's kind of is just sections for your videos so go ahead and you can put a banner in here I'm not sure about the size but they should be able to tell you that and I bet if you go to canva there e well may have a template for a youtube banner video let me see if there's anything else you need to know about on here just this is just all the privacy if you don't want people to see the subscriptions that you have you can turn all this on so if you're into watching like I am really like old videos music videos from the 70s then you can keep all that private and it doesn't show up on your channel which is probably a good thing if you keep everything private from your personal browsing and not have it on your business page so just go ahead and look at that that's the next thing to do and after I do this I'm going to actually film the process of uploading this video so that you can see how to do that but it's really easy

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