Vacation Thrift Store HAUL! | Poshmark Ebay & Etsy Online Reseller Thrifted Clothing Haul To Sell

Vacation Thrift Store HAUL! | Poshmark Ebay & Etsy Online Reseller Thrifted Clothing Haul To Sell

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In this video I’m sharing one of my most recent thrift store clothing hauls, all to sell on Poshmark, Ebay and Etsy – AND all sourced while on a family vacation!

Ebay WISE Thrift Store Haul:

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9 thoughts on “Vacation Thrift Store HAUL! | Poshmark Ebay & Etsy Online Reseller Thrifted Clothing Haul To Sell

  1. Great finds! I've looked up 'P' for certain designers and it has translated to XS for many of them, but not sure if this applies to Graham & Spencer. Hope you had a great vacation 🙂

  2. Love your videos and wonderful personality. I wasn't sure if you were aware or not, but you can tell if a button down shirt is for a man or a woman by the side the buttons are on. Mens are on the right and women's on the left. You are my favorite channel on you tube. Keep the videos coming.

  3. Great content, Carly, keep it coming! I’ve been watching your vids for awhile now and just watched the EBay Savvy Store one as well. I think it is getting a bit harder to find the high-end items — did you know that Goodwill has an auction site — — where GWs across the country list their high-end (and some not-so) for auction, with some items at Buy Now and 1-cent shipping! If you buy several items from one GW, you can bundle and save on shipping (sounds familiar, right?). I just did that—a few cool things for my PM closet I was able to get into one shipment and some 1 cent shipping, but wouldn’t source there regularly b/c of prices and shipping. Shocking, what they are asking$$. I’m in the NYC Metro area, so GW store prices are higher — they are on to us resellers! Thank goodness for “old school” garage/yard sales, church rummage and estate sales😊. BTW, you can find me on PM @plusclosetlove ❤️

  4. I tried to convince my husband to let me thrift on vacation to the beach but, it didnt work out. I knew I missed out. I need a girls thrifting trip, If only my friends liked to thrift.🤷‍♀️

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