Virginia Roberts BBC Interview - SMOKING GUN Email? Playing Card Divination

Virginia Roberts BBC Interview – SMOKING GUN Email? Playing Card Divination

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I've had the story for three years I've had that interview with Virginia Roberts we would not put it on the air first of all I was told who's Jeffrey Epstein no one knows who that is this is a stupid story then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways good day youtubers welcome back to my channel time for a spot of royalty I don't know how we can see this this is the smoking gun email that has come back come out just the other day from the Duke of York dated January 3rd 2015 at 5:15 a.m. so he's up early or maybe that was to – gizelle ghilane Maxwell let me know when we can talk I got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts okay and this email came out ABC killed the interview three years ago okay so you just saw the clip ABC killed the interview three years ago and this is the next day that the Duke of York sent an email to ghilane Maxwell at 5:15 5:50 a.m. on 2015 to let her know he had specific questions about Virginia Roberts after elements of the allegations came to light okay five additional women have now claimed that Andrew witnessed Epstein's sexual abuse okay andrew has repeatedly and categorically denied any of this conduct we have to take a look at this okay so why did the BBC – lay airing Virginia Roberts GU fray interview until after the prince andrew car crash and there's a quote as a famous quote I expected a train wreck that was a plane crashing into an oil tanker a tsunami triggering a nuclear explosion okay that was the reaction to Prince Andrews interview and you know some are saying he's he's a buffoon okay he's a fool he speaks without thinking I mean he's arrogant and foolish so the BBC interviewed Virginia Robert's goof ray before they did the Prince Andrew interview okay and Andrew probably felt pressure like oh no Virginia Roberts has done an interview I should do an interview to clear my name boy it was that bad decision okay so did the BBC show favoritism to Andrew and the crown because he's Andrew okay and who's Virginia Roberts you know Who's Afraid of Virginia Roberts okay so did the BBC show favoritism to Andrew and the crown and the Queen because these are very powerful people and that's how the world kind of works did they show favoritism by letting Andrews interview air first when Virginia Roberts interviewed did an interview before Andrew interesting cards straight razor scourge angel innocence establishing innocence the angel is establishing innocence with a single blow in this conflict establishing innocence okay so with this interview Andrew wanted to establish his interview is innocence in the midst of his in the midst of this conflict associations with people home home are the is family or people closely associated with you in your life innocence in association with Virginia Roberts now gue fray mustardseed a message and karmic relationship with the woman long relationship with this woman okay so did they did the BBC show favoritism to Andrew decision in the conflict to establish innocence okay so this card the home card can be a long and association with the royal family so yeah they did they did show favoritism to Andrew because of his position because he's part of this very powerful very wealthy royal family so yes they did they they did want to you know give him every opportunity this email there's something in the legal community called The Smoking Gun okay and this this looks to me like this smoking gun a smoking gun okay when the when the police or the detectives come in to a murder scene and there's the person holding the gun and the gun is smoking and there's someone dead on the floor that's a smoking gun a smoking gun is a piece of evidence that is so decisive that it's it convicts the person is this the smoking gun for Andrew that convicts Andrew that now everybody's like oh boy you know I don't care what you say Andrew you know you're guilty because of this email this is this email the smoking gun for Andrew in this situation meaning the key piece of evidence that leads to Andrew being considered guilty is this the smoking gun because a good lawyer can obfuscate even the most decisive piece of evidence you know in the OJ trial if the glove does not fit you must acquit okay the they had several smoking guns in the OJ trial and the lawyers just twisted around twisted and twisted and twisted until there was enough doubt they established reasonable doubt that these were in fact that the evidence that you're seeing was in fact as conclusive and decisive and and persuasive as you might think so is this the smoking gun hightower Jacob's Ladder cup overflowing nineteen twenty four twenty four six spades Incubus succubus okay step by step the lawyer lawyers trap the lawyer the legal process that goes all the way to the top and it's very emotional this is bad six spades this is bad for the royal family and the situation this is this does not say it's a smoking gun it says this is part of a much larger legal process that is being tried in the media okay ten hearts very emotional the most emotional card so the media is whipping up the emotions of the people okay but but this is just part of you know this is one grain of sand on a huge mountain of sand it's part of a much larger process so this is not the smoking gun although it's important why did ABC News kill the story between mystery and Andrew in 2015 they had everything okay according to the reporter who was now fire that woman that we saw on you know in the clip she's been fired by ABC News they according to her and others they had Podesta they had the Clintons they had witnesses they had Andrew they had everything okay so why did ABC News kill the story were they showing did did so this is three years ago in 2015 did the royal family threaten ABC News because that's actually what she said did did the royal family threaten ABC News to kill the story yes did the royal family threaten ABC News well I have a yes Nine's are almost completed man is direct action or this can be Andrew broken chalice break stop the story eleven and thirteen twenty four six spades so we have six spades showing up twice now already thank you miss succubus six spades is the dirty sex card six spades is sex without emotions so this adds six spades very emotional about the sex with underage girls okay the public is very emotional about this breaking the story about you know the dirty sex with underage girls man mercury okay mercury is electronic communications breaking the electronic communications for the man so did the royal family threatened ABC News yes and by doing so they broke that they broke the story they stopped the story they cut it off they broke it they prevented it from coming out about Andrew and the sexual the sexual content so yes they did threaten and according to ABC News it's because they wanted to keep the door open for future interviews with the royal family okay now Andrew categorically denies witnessing any suspicious behaviors at mysteries houses in New York in Florida and Caribbean there's some very famous pictures of Andrew waving to some young girl as he as he stayed for four days after Andrews conviction in the New York City townhome you know and he his story was I was going to tell Andrew that I could never see him again yet he's staying four days in his house and and then he's walking through Central Park with him he's he's quite arrogant you know he was not afraid that this stuff would really get to him would really harm him so did Andrew witness any suspicious behaviors as he said he said he witnessed none in New York Florida or the Caribbean did Andrew witness any suspicious behaviors at any of the mystery sites and this is what our FBI wants to talk to Andrew about because because mystery is a is a he was a blackmailer so the crazier it gets the more the better the crazier it gets the better okay and and he had a Satanic temple on his Caribbean site he was he was chaining people to the walls he was probably sacrificing people terrible terrible terrible so the crazier it gets the more of Marina Abramovic it gets the better okay because he's a blackmailer and he wants he wants these he wants these people to feel comfortable these powerful men and women to feel comfortable doing things that are just so repulsive to any kind of a normal thinking human being that that that he has the ultimate blackmail on them so did Andrew witness any suspicious behaviors in any of any of the mystery locations Trinity everyone working together Fox very clever putting a face on it six and twelve eighteen five diamonds on a continuing basis he was part of it he was very much part of it Fox is independent he was part of this okay Andrew did witness behaviors he was part of all of this part of this machinery that that mystery had set up here in the in the underneath we have diamond ring connected of marriage executioner executioner acts without feelings this executioner chops the head off okay put somebody up there on the chopping block and literally chops their head off okay so the executioner is capable of doing anything but they do it in a systematic manner the executioner card is different than the devil the devil is malicious the devil does things necessarily not Sara Lee with a plan the execution is systematic systematic blackmail okay connected to this foundation and this system of evil 6 and 13 5:19 five clubs crossroads yeah he is one of Andrew not only did he witness things he was a participant he was part of this system of evil doings so it's possible it said that Andrew mr. e used Andrew as a lure you know you're going to meet a prince tonight a prince of England okay and he was part of the luring okay ghilane Maxwell Blaine ghilane Maxwell she would would she was the madam she would procure little girls and lure them in Andrew is part of luring luring people in okay I think he was also duped I mean you got to be pretty dumb to hang out with somebody like mr. e will Andrew provide an interview to the FBI because he's now a person of interest and if he shows up in America on American soil they're gonna grab him and interview him so will Andrew provide an interview to the FBI willingly or unwillingly hand in hand three black birds three black birds are very talkative snake oh my oh dear oh my goodness and that's not looking good will Andrew interview with the FBI three black birds is very talkative about talking about all the people snake lying in the grass very far seeing the underlying situation what's really going on that's the snake twelve and nine twenty one six six hearts karmic relationships long-term important relationships so yeah he's going to talk about he's going to spill about all the people and what's really going on to the FBI and these these lot these these associations these many long term associations with with these people associated with mysteries so yes he is underneath it's going to be a disaster and there's going to be a lot of blame there's gonna be a lot of point finger pointing scapegoat this guy did that that person did that that person did that crossroads crossroads can be speaking with a forked tongue lying twenty three six clubs so we have a 666 we have 666 because this is six hearts the six diamonds and now this adds six clubs 666 so we also have a devil in there which is very accurate so this is really gonna bring the entire system it's a system crashing down Andrew speaking to the FBI can will bring the entire system crashing down because he knows so much and he's not a terribly thoughtful person when he speaks he just is so privileged that he just didn't think this would ever get to him so it it does appear he'll speak to the FBI if he does speak to the FBI they're gonna get it all out of him the entire scheme will be revealed and he will he may actually be indicted okay with the 10k it's he may actually you know it's a total disaster he may actually be indicted and charged if he speaks to the FBI and that's what they want they want to trick him oh don't worry we're your friends we just want to talk to you we're not under arrest we just want to talk to you Andrew but they're gonna they're gonna trap him the snake is also trapped there also they want to trap him into making admissions that of guilt for himself and that's it's the same kind of extortion blackmailing kind of thing that it's not exactly the same but that's the police the more they can accuse you the more power they have over you that's called blackmail for some reason we don't call it that when the police do it but it's exactly the same thing all right so let's review did the BBC show favoritism to Andrew by airing his interview first before Virginia Roberts because Virginia Roberts which just aired last night she interviewed with the BBC before Andrew and that's probably what really catalyzed Andrew to do that interview because he didn't want to he wanted to proclaim his innocence and that really didn't work out yeah they did show him favoritism they did show him favoritism they want to have a good relationship with the royal family they showed him favoritism they did show him favoritism okay because of his position because of his status is this email that that Andrew sent to ghilane max well you know let me know when we can talk got some specific questions this is 5:50 a.m. this must this may just be the time difference this may be 5:50 a.m. in New York okay where Maxwell is and that's five hours later that's 10:50 a.m. in in England in London or windsor so is this The Smoking Gun interview it's a it's a long legal process and they're being tried in the court of public opinion it's bad this is very bad but this is one grain of sand on a pile of a huge pile of sand so this is not the smoking gun although it's important okay why did ABC kill the story did the royal family threaten ABC News yes they did they stopped it they stopped this talk they stopped it they didn't want it to come out so the royal family killed this story three years ago when they had all of it okay and that woman I forget her name now the the person that I showed in the clip she was fired after this came out after this story came out so she no longer works for ABC News did Andrew witness suspicious behaviors in New York Florida or the Caribbean he was part of it he was part of this whole machine of everything going on there the executioner is very systematic it's not random this is and it's foundational these evil acts were part of the foundation he was part of all of this which is very interesting so maybe he's kind of was unwittingly or knowingly or very stupid it stupidly and buffoonish Lee playing a role similar to ghilane Maxwell very naively or very arrogantly you know he was part of it he's part of that machine so he did witness suspicious behaviors okay will Andrew Witt interview with the FBI we have the 666 devil the most depraved acts we have the snake we have the scapegoat we have the earthquake it appears that he will because the three black birds are very vocal there's a lot of pressure from the public for him to talk to them he needs to have an attorney with him and he needs to be so careful about what he says which is he's he speaks off-the-cuff like a child you know he was at the the Pizza Express in Woking he doesn't sweat I mean come on man I mean all of that was blasted out of the water within 12 hours through social media everybody was posting everything I mean come on okay so if he does speak to them I actually think he'll be indicted it's going to be so bad for him I actually think he'll be indicted he'll be he'll be indicted which will be Wow you know indicted a member of the royal family arresting a member of the royal family Wow that has never happened before in history that could bring the whole royal family down so that that's a big deal he should probably flee to Thailand at this point or something or just not leave England for like a really long time because it's gonna be really bad if he speaks to the FBI which it's looking like there's a lot of pressure for him to do so it could be it will actually absolutely be a disaster for him the entire the entire thing will unravel because he's not wise enough to face you know the Machine of the FBI they know what they're doing they you know at least they don't torture people with physically but they know what they're doing anyway that's that's how I see it that's your royalty today I'm Joseph Magi author of playing card divination fortune-telling the Magi method find the book worldwide on Amazon and Kindle and paperback versions find the full color card deck used here on etsy slash Magi method there's other merch from teespring in the description please by all means feel free to like share subscribe and comment

39 thoughts on “Virginia Roberts BBC Interview – SMOKING GUN Email? Playing Card Divination

  1. If you go back and look at RF documentaries for Queen Victoria, all her children grew up in a very dysfunctional home. Victoria in her diaries wrote how ugly she thought babies were. The nannies raised, and allegedly there lots emotional abuse, esp for QEII’ father Bertie who developed a speech impediment as a child. None of these folks know how to parent as they weren’t parented well. Diana came the closest to being normal, but even she grew up in a dysfunctional home. She said never once did her father say I LOVE YOU, which is why she needed it so much from Charles who grew up dysfunctional and couldn’t deliver what she needed. In Williams case, Kate’s parents have made him part of their family so he knows what a regular family feels like. That said, he is still expected, after Charles, to play the King role. It would likely be better if the Monarchy was abolished. The historical tourism things will always be there without continually wrecking families to come.

  2. Are these men seriously to be respected around the world by other countries ????
    Charles ———>PEDDO, Seville
    Andrew———>PEDDO, Epstein

    2. Royal bothers with PEDDO BF.???

    Looks like they need to let William ascend to the throne & restore faith again.

  3. Yes posted info from sources that think have time line showing mm met H in 2015 while still with Chef CV see posting … apparently the twitter ,I G accounts postings of MM and chef CV outed this

  4. Joseph, i just love 💖 your descriptors….."this was a plane crashing into an oil tanker, exploding into a tsunami , causing a nuclear explosion🛬🚛💥🌊🎆💥💥!! OMG 😆😅😂🤣. SO TRUE!! As so often is said…..The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction😉👍👋👋

  5. The royals around Europe are all retarded that is why the last 35 years oso they hade to marry Commoners for fresh blood all of the European Royalty. William marrying a Commoner was vital for fresh blood for next king but it will stop with young royals marring among themselves again.

  6. I understand the FBI wants to talk to PA bcse they feel like he spent more time with Epstein than anyone else except Maxwell which they can’t find BUT……..why aren’t they talking to The Clintons!!!! And all the people in his black book?? When PA stayed with him there were many underage girls in & out but what about talking to All the rich, sick, evil, satanic people that were involved in child rape & satanic sacrifices⁉️⁉️⁉️ These acts are inhuman & these people need to pay for what they put our children through‼️‼️ Are the FBI even qiestioning any of the people tht attended these sacrifices⁉️⁉️ If they are we people sure haven’t been made aware!! IMO I believe there are people walking around freely tht know EVERYTHING tht went on at Epstein’s islands & they need to be Telling about it⁉️⁉️ Yet they’re just freely going on with their politics, executive jobs, doing their tv shows, making their movies, performing their songs and just living their lives as if its normal to gather on somebody’s island & rape, torture, sacrifice & EAT BABIES‼️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  7. How is it possible that Virginia Roberts was there for 2 years and she was not part of the machinery? She talks of the orgies, but what about the little children in cages in the labyrinth under the Dome? How is it that she didn't know about the children and the sacrifices? It appears that David Icke is right. Jimmy Saville was a reptilian, how about P. Andrew and Epstein, were they also reptilians and/or vampires? (I live around these types of people and I have seen them change right before my eyes, however, they are not the Draco or Lizards like in England.) Reptilians, Draco and Lizards are perverts and need a lot of dirty sex. They can be cold-blooded and not sweat and have no emotions. Apparently, Virginia Roberts is holding back. She is not telling us all. Andrews mummy, the Queen, owns cloning stations. They could just do a clon of Andrew and let it take the fall for him. He can still get away scot-free. There are the underground cities and the satellites in space where you can buy your way in. Andrew has a lot of options if he decides to disappear rather than go to prison. Can you imagine what the prisoners would do to him?! Actually, you never know, he might just like it. Epstein with that mouth on him, he looks like a reptilian.

  8. Joseph you mentioned him pointing fingers, will he name a certain other royal (naming no names) in the interview either to save his own skin or to shame the other for rf's agenda? Could you ask the cards please?

  9. Joseph, This just gets more bizarre by the day. All the lies, the cover ups…it’s lunacy. Again, Prince Andrew is a pig but there is so much more to come out. So many more people need to be exposed!!!

  10. Obviously gets it from his mother, she,s part of the 9 th circle satanic cult that tortures, eats and drinks the blood of little children, before sacrificing them .The whole family is evil and you can find it all online!

  11. were these girls held against there will & were there any boys ?? also why didn't MM say anything about this, she seems ok with all of this Epstein stuff because she hangs with & likes Marcus Anderson what's the deal with her ??

  12. If she had things on the Clinton's and Obama's I would also say the also threatened NEWS. The Queen may not have threatened I would not be surprised if it wasn't Prince Philip. This whole thing is getting so wacky and strange. Good Video Joseph. God Bless Joseph 🌹💕🌹💕

  13. Money and power have big mouths, and they talk very loud.The Royals in the past have always been able to cover up their dirty deeds, not so much now, but they still bring out the big guns to try and shut up those they do not want to go public with information they have keep hidden.So stupid of him to think the public would be sucked in by his lies, and to be honest, I do not know how he and others like him sleep at night knowing what they have done to young girls, makes me sick even thinking about them.

  14. I wonder… if someone is deeply transformed through surgery, can specific features, of the face in particular, stay with the person? I just wonder. I doubt that Epstein is dead.

  15. They had Virginia Roberts interview (3) weeks BEFORE they aired PA’s pathetic, condesending train wreck of a scam!! I heard at first she was very upset but then decided she could redo or add to her interview and fill in the areas where he was having “Sometimers” So maybe BBC thought tht his interview wld override Virginia’s BUT they were Soooooo wrong‼️‼️‼️

  16. Honestly i think the royal family sacrificed Andrew because one of Charles good friends children bodies were found in his basement…. this was barley on the news it seems people are distracted with this story his name was Jimmy savile Or
    sir james wilson vincent savile obe
    I think it was 70 bodies or something u can look it up

  17. I do NOT think he did anything wrong. He still thinks Fergie was faithful after her toe sucking photos-so naive; and he’s faithful “to a fault” with friends/wives. Listen to his blond ex GF, the model with a title & friend of maxwells who was involved & suspicious of Epstein, so she left his apt when seeing his hidden cameras . Anyone remember a wild british prince, Prince Albert, “eddy” linked to a homosexual brothel and Jack the Ripper.

  18. Hi Joseph, you are such a great storyteller with your own tarot system! A lure of evil doings… and pretty dumb. This could be Meghan too, I wonder if she helped Ghillane procure younger females? Always intriguing 😃

  19. I’m the uk the age of consent is 16 . Where did this crime take place . The pic was taken in London when she was 17 . Be nice to know all the legal implications surrounding her allegations etc . Seems very murky the whole thing tbh. Lot of money involved here so hard to know what’s what

  20. Hey Joseph this reading was certainly the best yet, you're on Fire and we all love you for it!!!! But let's get all this in perspective there is no way in hell that pa will be indicted, seriously, no way at all, the queen should I say, the firm, would never let that happen…..Trump is Teflon, nothing sticks to him, as is Andrew….. More tomorrow paula x

  21. While Andrew was definitely enjoying the billionaire playboy lifestyle and I definitely do think he knew and turned a blind eye to anything and everything he saw, I also feel like this a case of misdirection in that while they focus and attack Andrew (because I also think he’s an easier target because he’s not the brightest spark is he). No attention is being put on the other American celebrities and peoples/organisations (possibly US) who escape public persecution while everyone focuses on Prince Andrew. Like where the F is Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone who was involved are scum and should all be brought to justice and I hope the real major players face prosecution.🤞

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