Weekly Sales Update - Selling on Ebay and Etsy - How I Make Money Selling Online

Weekly Sales Update – Selling on Ebay and Etsy – How I Make Money Selling Online

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hey guys it's Margaret and it is Monday morning which means it's time for the weekly sales update I had a pretty good week on eBay and Etsy um because I had some pretty high ticket items sell which was great I didn't have a lot of things sell which was also great because of scheduling as you guys know we've had some health issues with my mom and so my scheduling has been kind of out of whack but we're working on a new new regular routine so let me jump in and share my selves with you and I'd like to highlight again this week the benefit of cross posting your items I was looking at my numbers and realizing you know if I only sold on eBay my total sales for the week would only have been a hundred and eighty-eight dollars but because I cross post everything that I can on Etsy as well the total sales from My Week were was three hundred and forty-four dollars so that's quite a big difference so if you have been kind of thinking about getting on to Etsy but you weren't really sure I mean just take a look at my numbers every week that's what I do I know I took around to see who wins but in the long run it's me that wins because it's that little bit extra even if there's only a couple extra sales that a couple extra hundred dollars a week goes a long way that's grocery money you know what I mean all right so let's start these are my Etsy sales this Berenstein bears and Mike's sold actually two of these have another one that's up this Mike sold I picked it up for $0.50 it sold for 1499 and so after shipping in fees my net was fifteen dot twenty four cents and then this fabric sold it was really cool diagrams and kind of nautical and celestial type things it was just really neat I picked it up for twenty-five cents at the thrift store it sold for $27.99 so after shipping and everything all my net was $25.90 on the fabric and then this Paddington Bear Mike sold it was so cute this got listed during the mug challenge we did over on the International League of drifters so did the Berenstain Bears mug but this one look inside had Paddington inside the mug it was so cute I'm so picked this Mike up for 79 cents probably at the goodwill oh look there were some issues I made sure to take close-ups of these little flaws in the ceramic anyway picked it up for 79 cents it sold for twenty one dollars and 99 cents so my net there was twenty one dollars and 79 cents so I know there are some people that just like uh picking up mugs and selling mugs and yeah I've got mugs it's been sitting there but when you find a winner it's a twenty plus dollar win right so for pretty cheap it's a pretty cheap entry to get into that this is one of my grandmother's perfume bottles this was a metal and jeweled I mean type perfume model where's my little arrows my arrows not popping up I had more pictures of this I don't know why they're not popping it but and this what it cost me zero it sold for forty seven dollars and 99 cents so after shipping in fees my net was 43 dollars and 43 cents it's really pretty very intricate kind of heavy kind of heavy and then here we have this jack-o'-lantern coin purse that I bought just like I I fell in love with it when I saw it I just loved this little zipper mouth and maybe it's my cob I don't know but I loved it so I picked this up a while back at a garage sale for a quarter and it's sold for $14.99 and so after shipping and fees my net was $13.30 yes for this little coin first I just knew someone was gonna love it as much as I did and they did so yeah and I actually was just having a conversation last week I don't know if you are if you subscribed to Sean Longley every other week he has si show and so I was on with Caroline Matthews and who else was there oh Ken Chapman and Shawn and we were talking about you know what we list on our listing strategy and do we keep things back for the fourth quarter and Caroline and Shawn kind of did but then Ken and I were talking about I we just get it all up there and I shared you know in the last three or four weeks I've had Christmas items selling every week and then here I've got this Halloween type item selling so it's it's a good strategy just to get it up there because people are buying year-round so especially if you have enough listings which now I obey bumped their thing up and an Etsy doesn't matter you know so anyway I just loved it I love this little zipper mouth I did maybe it's a little dark whatever all right so then this um gift wrap sold this is some tea party gift wrap I actually have two of these as well so this I picked up for a quarter it's sold for 1499 and so my net there was $14 and seven seventy five cents and this is another thing that I have to kind of think outside of my brain because I look at this and think I wouldn't really ever use this but I know there are people that are into teapots and tea parties and you know I just you have to think about what the buyer would want and it's you know such a cheap investment cheap I hate that word but inexpensive investment for a quarter to get this kind of return so something to think about something to think about and then this little girl sold I picked this up when the Gulf Coast resellers had their outing a few months ago and I picked her up for it was there a dollar or two for whatever reason I didn't have her catalog I put two dollars because I remember the guy had two tables and this side was a dollar and this side was two dollars I can't remember which table she was on so I put two um she sold for $24.99 and so after shipping and fees my net was twenty one dollars and fifty cents pretty cool lemon-scented all right take a peek over at eBay and then we'll come back and chew up all the numbers chew him up like a big ol hunk of steak alright so here the other job Percel I mean I've been sitting on these things for like a year it's been so long but when one of them sold last week the other ones sold this week so hallelujah I took the best offer and I took a best offer of $110 on this one and honestly I'm not sure what happened to that price and how it jumped up so high I don't know if I hadn't bulk and you know increase the price on things or something I don't know what happened when I saw that I was like yeah I'll take your best offer cuz I thought I had it around that hundred hundred and fifty dollar mark anyway so that's a mystery right there I shouldn't have mysteries in my business but all right so I pick this up for a dollar it's sold for $110 and this is going to Hong Kong so it went through the global shipping program and so my net there was 98 dollars and 46 cents I sold a hat and this is not a snapback it's one of the I can't remember what they called it with the fitted style of hats I picked this early hat up for a dollar at a garage sale it's sold for $12.99 and so my net there was thirteen dollars and one cent the shipping was kind of wonky on it but I was happy to have that sale and then this little journal sold I don't know if you remember I picked it up recently as well picked it up for a dollar it may have been less because again this was there was a little period there where I was not quite as good about cataloging my inventory in my spreadsheet and it becomes frustrating when I'm trying to remember to share with you so it was on sale at the time so it sold for $15 and 19 cents so after shipping and fees my net there was twelve dollars and twelve cents and the cool thing about this one was I didn't find another one exactly like it with the plaid and I know I mean I know personally when I was in high school that was my thing I loved plaid and it wasn't necessarily the whole grunge thing because I hadn't really hit yet but it was more the whole school skirting I think plaid pants and plaid I don't know I wasn't a plaid and then these boots sold oh my gosh they were gorgeous they were gorgeous you guys just look these are Peter Foxx boots and I mean let me show you some other pictures and they were in such beautiful shape that they were so small they were like a size five five and a half I mean these boots were amazing and I just wish I mean I probably wouldn't have worn them but I mean I could as soon as I saw them I was like man somebody's going to learn these boots I mean look at the details okay okay I will stop being in love with these boots because now they're gone but they were so fun to photograph and everything I made sure I stuffed them with tissue paper to keep them you know formed and beautiful through em so again this was also something that I did not catalog so I'm thinking I spent about seven dollars on these boots I bought him at a thrift store so I know they weren't more than that um usually the boots and shoes at this particular one are about four or five dollars so I'm thinking that's what it what it was but I took a best offer of $70 and so after shipping em fees my net was $54.95 and then this fabric sold this is buddy the Frog and it was one of those fabric pieces that it has the all the bits there and you just have to call this it was pre-cut already so all the bits were already cut out and used up to sew it together to make this like frog pillow pillow anyway but someone needed a frog pillow and I had it so buddy the Frog I picked up the pieces for 25 cents it sold for $8.00 and so my net after shipping and fees akin my shipping was weird was nine dollars and sixty-five cents so that was cool cool cool and I hesitated when I first bought it because it was pre-cut you know and some people are I don't know I was a bit worried they have to make sure all the pieces are there on that but there are frog people out there and they would and they wanted so alright let's take a look at what I spent in order to make what you made this week more let's sum it out some and boom so the total spent for the profit was fourteen dollars and twenty-nine cents in order for me to make three hundred forty-four dollars in 10 cents this week which is really great my original goal this year had been to make 250 a week which would make about a thousand a month which would really you know be useful the family as you well know um so that was a great boost because last week was pretty slow it was like a hundred something but again let me share with you these are my eBay sales $188 and these are my Etsy sales $155 so when I hear people say they don't have time for Etsy or things like that that's fine but for me I know that it is really useful and helpful to have it listed in both places because I get more eyes and in the long run more money for the family alright so thanks so much for watching you guys I do have some other videos lined up this week I did a Friday I went to a really nice crowd sale and got quite a bit of stuff I have not done the whole for it yet I have it actually sitting right over here on the floor but what I think I'm going to do is tomorrow I'm going to do a live haul so I will share the link for that after I share this video so that if you are around you can come over and watch it I also picked up a big jewelry box that was full and I did a sneak peek on periscope of the stuff in it and I it hadn't gone through it yet so yesterday I went through and a video ended up being for parters because there was so much stuff so I'm trying to pare it down I got the first one done so that will probably come out Wednesday but oh my goodness there was tons in it liking well I'm not gonna I've got over there bags of the gold and bags of the silver and then there's just stuff so anyway that's out to be on the lookout for this week and that's pretty much it so thanks so much for watching you guys make sure you hit that like button if you have not already subscribe if you are not a subscriber and make sure you go out and enjoy yourselves and guys find something to be grateful for because I'm finding especially during these stressful times the more I can look around and be grateful for even if it's small things the more it affects my attitude in a positive way and I know it sounds a little airy-fairy and I don't know fruity but it really does I mean I I know you guys know that that I had some downtime down emotionally time in the last couple of weeks and that is what I'm finding is helping build me back up is looking around and finding things to be grateful for so yeah get out there find something to be grateful for because I promise it will give you a boost in your attitude and that means you know all makes all the difference in the world okay and I get off my soapbox alright I'll talk to you later guys go and enjoy yourselves bye bye

18 thoughts on “Weekly Sales Update – Selling on Ebay and Etsy – How I Make Money Selling Online

  1. Great Video! Great Sales! Congrats! I finally finished re-organizing my eBay room. So much to list! I have a ? When you cross-post to etsy do we go into etsy n make the listing or can you do it first on etsy and then have the option to re-link it to eBay. ( not sure if I explained that right) thanks Margret for all you do for helping others. And Yes, being grateful is definitely a booster. Take care and good luck on your sales. I need to get my FB cleaned up or create a new account for eBay for the listing challenges. I have such a hard time getting on it. Have not been on it since 2010, unless it's through Instant mess. Hugs and love, 😀💜♥️. Sending my Prayers to your family and your mom and dad. Kelly

  2. Margaret, I don't know if you've answered this or not- do you ever worry that a double listing will result in two different people buying the same item at the same time? If that has happened, how did you handle it? Thanks, I love your channel!

  3. Hi Margaret,
    I love watching your videos they are so helpful. However for some reason, I can't find the one I am looking for to rewatch.

    I have a question because I think in of your videos where something you had a similar issue happen with one of your customers. I had an item that I sold returned to sender,unopened. I contacted the woman who purchased it she said she didn't get back in time to get it from the post office. I emailed her to let her know I am researching on how to just charge for the postage again and asked her to correct her ship to address. Do you by chance know h I can just charge her for the shipping again?

    Kindest Regards and God Bless,

    Dawn Anne
    Whole Lot of Vintage

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