What Did We Get?

What Did We Get?

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Our plans have changed and we will be moving out to a small homestead property. Follow our journey as we go from city life to country life and begin our self sustainable adventure. With the help and knowledge of like minded people, we feel this is very attainable.


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hey it's Heidi from the Laurie family homestead I want to show you what we got today and I have to whisper because I probably sleep in but we went into tractor supply and we was just gonna look around today and we actually ended up getting 25 of these beautiful little guys look at this where I show you look okay so be surprised Kaitlyn with the five and Heather while Heather – we surprised them with the five black-ish grayish ones we don't know what they are but they're supposed to be girls layers I will have to find out when they get a little older but we got the they're actually waking up there's 20 of the other ones the tannish ones reddish a little bit they are actually the is a Browns we had ten of them and we had to leave them in Mississippi and we're just so excited that we're gonna get him again I missed the farm-fresh eggs and I can't stand store-bought we were by in our friends eggs down the road you know it gets kind of crazy so he decided to get our own we weren't gonna get him until next spring but they had them and we got a really good deal on the the 20 ISAs they were like 350 for a bird we got it for 250 because they were a week and a half old and the black gray ones are like two days old so they were like 350 but I'm so excited we got the meat birds are done I just got to clean out the cage the shed so we got to clean that out and they should be good to go they should probably be laying and hopefully December but I don't know if they're gonna lay because of the cold I don't know yet so we're gonna find out it'll be you know 1518 weeks old in December so even if you know February or whatever January they start laying that's great well you know they'd be all feathered out before the winter so we're excited I want this one that one [Applause] this is my favorite he's like a hands like a raccoon bass let's see him you have to watch I went to the bathroom that one he's like that chrome face alright this one thank me really yours 10 layers they think there's Missy girls egg layers was supposed to girls I don't care if he poops on me don't forget these guys is my is a Browns 20 of them we got 25 we got our brows back Hauser look I see Browns oh my god look boom box the chicken is a and then these are assorted but not sure there [Applause] okay what you got there like oh it's sitting there and these are the 19 and they're sleeping chicken and bagel [Applause] you

5 thoughts on “What Did We Get?

  1. Awwwwww…. SO CUTE!!!! I LOVE chickens and grew up with them. Katelyn is a real "Farm girl" isn't she? So gentle and loving…. The sleeping chickens are the cutest!!! SO glad you have chickens again and got most of them at a good price. I can't imagine how hard it was for you to leave everything behind in Mississippi. Wishing you all a terrific day. 🙂

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