What gets you Excited about ADV? | Motivational Thoughts from the Road

What gets you Excited about ADV? | Motivational Thoughts from the Road

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“The crucial thing is that adventure feels worthwhile and meaningful, that you do it with enthusiasm, and that it feels important to you, not to other people.”
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Another Article from Adventure Journal, about the idea of Adventure that’s worth a read:


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I was reading an article on adventure journal a little while ago and a statement at the end of the article really resonated with me the crucial thing is that adventure feels worthwhile and meaningful that you do it with enthusiasm that it feels important to you and not to other people this quote is so important to me because adventurer means different things to different people just because something seems exciting to somebody else that seems dull to you doesn't make it any less valid everybody has different skill levels everybody has different comfort zones everyone is on their own journey I think that it's incredible that I have been able to share my experiences with all of you and that I've gotten to impact so many lives and I think it's incredible that in this day and age everybody can share their story if they want to however I think sometimes we fall into the trap of comparison this is not a race we're not trying to see who can place first I am NOT trying to be an MX star I am NOT trying to prove that my giant bike can do things that little bikes can do that's not what I'm about I'm out here to have fun I think in general people who ride adventure bikes who get out and travel long miles we're out here to experience the world around us we're here to have a good time to see new places do new things stretch our comfort zones a little bit and we're all doing it at our own pace if you get excited about picking a new look to the grocery store that is awesome if you get excited about crossing state lines that is also awesome if you have grand dreams of traveling the whole world that is also awesome but don't belittle others just because your dream is bigger than theirs my point is enjoy what gets you excited about adventure and screw everyone else's opinion also don't be a jerk to others I hope you enjoyed this little motivational video if you did please hit that like and subscribe button and if you like my channel and would like to support this content there is a link down in the description to my patreon page where for as little as $1 a month you can get early access to videos like these if that's not up your alley that is totally okay I also have the red bubble shop where you can get stickers t-shirt prints all the good stuff with my motorcycle art on them if that's not up your alley and you can't do that right now that is totally ok I appreciate you just for watching these videos in the meantime guys I'll see you later because it's overhang you are so [Laughter]

40 thoughts on “What gets you Excited about ADV? | Motivational Thoughts from the Road

  1. Hi Amanda!! Nice to e-meet you!! OMG! I love your channel and what you are doing. Such an inspiration to see someone living their passion with such bravery. Looking forward to seeing you at Camera Camp!!

  2. Right on. Adventure is what YOU make it and what excites you. In ADV riding for me, those with egos showing off usually get hurt (unless they’re really skilled), but those riding for the fun and their adventure (however easy or hard) do great and have a blast.

  3. Amen sister! Great video. Just being out anytime you can on 2 wheels is great. We are in the process of selling home, buying a toy hauler so we can travel state to state then explore the state on bikes. Over trying to plan 2 week vacations every year for motorcycle trips. Be safe

  4. Sums up my entire philosophy! Do what makes you happy, often! and know that all boats rise with the tide! I really really appreciate your support and kind plug! Ride on and ride happy sister!

  5. Thank you Amanda. I sometimes think about my adventures and I tend to compare myself to others who crush more miles in a single trip than I would do in a year. Everyones definition of adventure differs and while I want to aspire to get on multi-day adventures crossing state lines and visiting historic and iconic roads…I feel that I should enjoy the adventure that I can do in the present, there's always tomorrow. One day I'll get on your level lol, but until then I'll ride my ride and enjoy the memories I make in the process.

  6. I personally just took a 1000 mile ride. Went from South Carolina to Tennessee and then almost to the Virginia state line to ride the blue ridge parkway with my aunt. To its end at the smoky mountains national park.then through the park to cades cove and back to her home in western Tennessee and back to my house in South Carolina. All on a 2008 Kawasaki klr 650

  7. Love the videos and content.Awesome job. As it stands true one man's junk is another man's treasure. One person's adventure is another man's or woman's everyday life

  8. I love the journey you are on, and that it's YOUR journey! We each have a path to follow and that path may be unseen until we are open to what it brings. Life experiences have a modicum of control over our choices in this trip, but we all must think through the passions that fulfill the needs of our souls to achieve a moment in time that will stick with us personally to the end of our lives. You only get one chance to live your life to the fullest, so live it to the limit!

  9. Another great message from the Wise Amanda, I mean that with the utmost respect. You have a beautiful way of stating what should be obvious to people but rarely is. Thank you for being you and spreading the message to be yourself. Your MX star hit home, my friend and I race a few times a year in vintage races for FUN, not to finnish first but constantly see Pro riders line up in our class because there isn't a skill limit, only a must ride old bike of that year range limit. We do have fun though, and that is all that matters. Yes I am afraid of heights, or as others tell me afraid of falling. Ride Safe Amanda!

  10. This message is so important, and should be repeated by every YouTuber! I'm definitely more of a "different route to the grocery store" adventurer, but your videos inspire me every time! Thank you so much for sharing.
    As for heights, that's one thing that I'm not afraid of. I'm always the first one up the ladder or on the roof. 😆

  11. The important thing is to build memorable moments. Not just in the adventurist sphere of things. And what is memorable changes for each person. And that's totally OK.

  12. I am really afraid of heights. But courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. This post is more important than i can explain to anyone right now. I hope in a few months I can look back at this and smile because I did it anyway 🙂

  13. Nice video. First time viewer. Think I'll stick around for a while to learn your thoughts, if that is okay? Not Bald and Bankrupt, but I am Bald and on Limited Income. It's nice to see young folks learning about life and having fun.

  14. Great words Amanda, wouldn't it be nice if we all got along. I find a lot of long distance rider's are kind of loners, your adventures look like fun to me. But i am too old for that now I have to stick to the blacktop & campgrounds. Have a great day young lady!

  15. On one of my outings I encountered a guy who upon noticing my Versys 650 commented that he wants a bike but a better bike than mine. I just nodded and felt sorry for the poor bastard who was driving a dodge suv full of kids/French fries/vacation stuff.

  16. You got it, Kiddo! Whole lotta wisdom! Suggested watching: "Then Came Bronson", a pilot and TV series from 1969. For his own reasons, a guy gets disgusted with the world, inherits his friend's scooter, and sets out to see some world, meeting interesting people and doing interesting things along the way. Yes, it's someone else's trip, but it's not a bad way to spend a snowed-in 20 degree winter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIjJB9qVORc

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