What Happens When You COMPLETE The Pokedex in Every Pokemon Game?

What Happens When You COMPLETE The Pokedex in Every Pokemon Game?

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What actually happens when you complete the Pokedex?

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► In the world of Pokemon, it is every professor’s dream to see the young trainers they bestow the high tech Pokedex encyclopedia someday return to their lab with every entry completed. But what actually happens when you complete the Pokedex? What do you get? How do the professors react? Today, I’ll be playing through Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald and Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and seeing what happens, what kinds of rewards and how people react to a completed Pokedex! Is it worth completing the Pokedex? Lets find out!

About the Pokedex!
► The Pokédex is a digital encyclopedia created by Professor Oak as an invaluable tool to Trainers in the Pokémon world. It gives information about all Pokémon in the world that are contained in its database, although it differs in how it acquires and presents information over the different media. However, they are also only given to a few Trainers at a time, generally to the ones that are felt to have exceptional potential and skill. There are different types of Pokédexes and each Pokédex is special to a specific region. Pokédex entries typically describe a Pokémon in only two or three sentences. They may give background information on the habitat or activities of a Pokémon in the wild or other information on the Pokémon’s history or anatomy. Pokédex entries also include height, weight, cry, footprint (prior to Generation VI), location, other forms, and a picture of the Pokémon.

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it seems like shortly after starting off your Pokemon adventure every Pokemon professor just hands you this super hi-tech encyclopedia and gives you the responsibility of filling it out when all you wanted was a Pokemon and completing that pokedex is never easy with each game having hundreds of Pokemon and the newer games only adding more most people will never complete the pokédex and those that do can spend hundreds of hours trying but if you do manage to catch them all what happens I'm Mike boo-ki tips Mike and today we're gonna be going through lots of Pokemon games and I'll show you what exactly happens and what the rewards are for you completing the Pokedex so let's start things off from the beginning with pokemon red blue and yellow these games were so simple and only had 151 pokemon which seems like nothing compared to today's games but completing the decks back then definitely wasn't easy these games came out in the time before the Internet is huge like it is now so you couldn't easily look up a Pokemon guide to find things that you were missing and on top of that trading was a lot more tedious as well if you wanted the trade with a friend you better have a link cable ready to link up your to game systems because there was no wireless trading and definitely no online trading back then but despite those challenges if you did somehow manage to complete the pokédex this is what would have happened alright so or in gaming my pokemon red version and we have the complete pokedex scene 151 and we own 151 Pokemon everything in this game now in this game to complete the pokédex you don't need Mew since it's a mythical Pokemon you just need the other 150 so let's go talk to Professor Oak and see what he says about our completed deck good to see you how was your book attacks coming along here let me take a look pokedex completion is 151 pokemon scene 151 pokemon owned professor ropes writing your pokedex is entirely complete congratulations and we get to hear that nice little jingle afterward too and that's about it you go through all that trouble to complete the pokédex but that's all he really says you would really think that Professor Oak would care a little bit more about you completing his life goal but don't worry in these games there's also one more reward that you get for completing the Pokedex in celadon City in the celadon mansion building on the third floor you could find the game freak's to do there you'll also get a little reward for completing your pokedex Wow excellent you completed your pokedex congratulations and there we go we get ourselves a nice little diploma player polka tip Congrats this diploma certifies that you have completed your pokedex from gamefreak now in pokemon red in blue he's the only person that actually reacts to you completing the Pokedex in this room but in pokemon yellow version it's actually a little bit more interesting after you talk to him and he shows you your diploma he tells you to go talk to the other people in the room and they all had their own little reactions as well and on top of that this man right here will print you out a real diploma if you have something called the Gameboy printer now this is what it looks like if you actually print out your diploma it's kind of small but imagine pulling this out at the dinner table and flexing on your whole family that you completed the Pokedex now on to the next generation of Pokemon games gold silver and crystal completing the Pokedex didn't get any easier for starters the Pokedex was increased to 251 Pokemon however just like in generation 1 you don't need mythical Pokemon like Mew and Celebi for the game to consider the Pokedex complete now one of the more annoying things about completing the Pokedex in these games is not only do you need both gold and silver version to complete the pokédex ah's but you also need generation 1 games as well because there are lots of Pokemon that between both gold and silver you still can't get like the Kanto region starters the legendary birds and Mewtwo but what you get for completing the Pokedex in these games well let's head to Professor Elms lab and find out all right all that me I'm here with my completed pokedex what do you have to say pokey tick I'll call you if anything comes up my guy you're not even going to acknowledge that I have a completed pokedex professor Elm straight up does not care he's a savage so to actually get any recognition in these games for completing the Pokedex we're gonna have to go back to the Kanto region just like in red and blue alright so in Pallet Town and Professor Oak's lab let's and what he says about our pokedex how is your pokedex coming let's see current pokedex completion level 249 pokemon scene 249 Pokemon own Professor Oak's rating whoa a perfect pokedex I've dreamt about this congratulations thank you now that's more like it if you're in the area I hope you come visit again at least in gold and silver it seems like he cares a little bit more about you completing the Pokedex but still you don't really get anything crazy in these games and once again you could go back to the celadon mansion and go to the third floor and talk to the gamefreak people there and you'll get a nice little reward is that right I'm the game designer filling up your pokedex is tough but don't give up Wow excellent you completed your pokedex congratulations and now we get another diploma player pokey tip this certifies that you have completed the Pokedex congratulations and just like in pokemon yellow we could go ahead and talk to the graphic artist and print out our diploma next in Pokemon rubies sapphire emerald completing the Pokedex is kind of a nightmare first off there's now 386 total pokemon but luckily you don't need all of them to complete the pokédex so normally you don't need new Celebi jirachi and deoxys the mythical Pokemon of the generations and only in pokemon firered/leafgreen and emerald ho-oh and lugia aren't required either now fun fact if you want to complete the pokédex in this generation with the least amount of games you would need at least pokemon leaf green version emerald Coliseum and XD you'd also need to restart emerald and leaf green a few times to get all of the pokemon but if you did somehow complete the pokédex in this generation this is what it would look like starting with ruby and sapphire ah pokey tip have you come to show me how your pokedex is coming along hmm so you've seen 202 pokemon and you've caught tours into pokemon congratulations your pokedex is complete hmm on a nationwide basis you've seen 386 pokemon and you've caught 386 pokemon all right out of all the games so far I think this is the most underwhelming one and we didn't even get a special congratulations music I also don't think professor birch knows how many Pokemon are in the national pokedex does he didn't seem excited at all but in pokemon emerald version I swear they must have done something with Professor birch because he acts way different in this game Oh Pookie chip let's have a look at your pokedex and see I didn't even walk at all when I entered the lab the game brought me right in front of him yes there's no doubt about it you really have completed the Hoenn regions pokedex that's more than just impressive I have a gift for you consider it my show of appreciation from fantastic work you've done my gift is a rare pokemon only found in another region you could have any one of these three pokemon and what are those three pokemon cyndaquil Totodile and chikorita now these three pokemon are very very hard to get in the generation three games you'd either have to complete the whole Hoenn region pokedex to get one or play through the GameCube games Pokemon Colosseum or XD so these Pokemon are very valuable I think I'll take a cyndaquil listen pokey tip you've completed the Hoenn pokedex while your pokemon journey isn't over there is no end to the road that is Pokemon somewhere there's a grassy patch that's waiting for you now starting in pokemon ruby and sapphire another cool reward you get for completing of the Pokedex is a star on your trainer card which will change its color and in lilycove city you could get yourself another reward so just like in all the other Pokemon games Game Freak is hiding somewhere in the Pokemon region and in Hoenn there in lilycove city so if you talk to the game designer with the completed pokedex this is what he'll say I'm the game designer oh is that right you're working on a pokedex it's tough trying to complete it but don't give up if you do completed please come show me and we hear that little jingle which means we did complete it wow that's awesome yup it's totally awesome this pokedex is completely filled you must really love Pokemon I'm so impressed let me give you something in recognition of your feet and here we have a diploma for completing the Hoenn region pokedex all 202 pokemon now there's also a different diploma if you complete the national pokedex and this is what it looks like unfortunately there's no such thing as a gameboy advanced printer so if you want to get a real-life copy of these diplomas it would be a little harder and finally Phil last games I'm gonna cover today pokemon diamond pearl and platinum the Pokedex was increased to 493 even though 493 is really starting to become a lot of Pokemon these were the games that introduced online trading so they did give us a few conveniences with this generation this is how the game would react to your completed pokedex the world is immense there are many more Pokemon that means there's many more thrills for you to seek and enjoy all right just like Professor almond generation 2 professor Rowan does not care and when they don't care you know what to do go find Professor Oak in these games you could find Professor Oak in the bottom of interna city and hopefully he'll have some nice things to say about our completed national pokedex aah poker chip you've come to show me how your pokedex is coming along hmm you've caught 493 so far Puka chip you've finally done it you finally completed the National pokedex this is better than meeting any exotic Pokemon for the first time I feel blessed to have become friends with a trainer like you sincerely I thank you from the bottom of my heart now that is more like it that is what I was looking for now I feel special for going out and completing the Pokedex Thank You professor Rome and as if we even needed anything else after we got Professor Oak's approval there there's still two more rewards we can get first off is our usual diploma now the diploma can be found in this obscure area near the valor lakefront in one of the houses there's this man with some cool hair and this is what he says ciao I'm the game director your pokedex is looking great you've already met every Pokemon there is to meet in this region I'm really impressed let me give you an award and we get ourselves a nice little diploma that certifies that we have met all the pokemon in Sinnoh and like always we get ourselves a nice star on the trainer card however for this game you're going to need to complete the national pokedex for the star not just the sinnoh region pokedex oh and your rival outside of the lab congratulate cyou – how nice and with that my friends you now know the rewards you get for completing the Pokedex in the first four generations of pokemon i feel like i'm cutting things off right before they start getting crazy but this video is getting long enough as it is if you guys want to see it part – definitely let me know in the comment section and give this video a big thumbs up and I'll make it happen as always my friends thank you so much for watching this video hope you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel if you're new and I'll be seeing you in the next video

23 thoughts on “What Happens When You COMPLETE The Pokedex in Every Pokemon Game?

  1. You just showed me that I could actually get my first diplomas, those from Red, Blue and Yellow. I didn't know that GameBoy Printer had this kind of power, but it's so old I'm pretty sure it won't work.

    Anyway, if it works I'll show you my diploma somehow. Thank you, Poketips!

  2. Pokémon platinum, leaf green. Were the only games where I completed my poke dex. I almost did it on emerald I only needed a couple more. I don’t know why, but crystal was one of my favs to try & complete.

  3. Tbh what else could the rewards be?? You’ve completed the game. Giving you cool items wouldn’t make sense because you don’t need them to catch more Pokémon and mostly like don’t need them to defeat the champion

  4. I completed the Pokédex back in the day with my copy of Red. I don’t really go for it anymore. I try to focus on making a strong team of six and don’t catch too much anymore. Although if I do a replay I try to use different Pokémon from my last save.

  5. I am still upset Oak never fought you in the final version of RB, especially considering it would have made for a great ending to have an original fight and track for gathering all of the Pokémon. It would have made it worthwhile. If the fight was like the upload by Mixeli, that would have been so hype to witness as a child.

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