What Impulse Spending Looks Like | Vlogmas Day 16

What Impulse Spending Looks Like | Vlogmas Day 16

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Impulse spending can wreck your budget and I fall prey to it sometimes too! Today I’m sharing and impulse spending example from this past week and how I plan to fix it.

Impulse spending is a hard habit to overcome when it’s something you’ve done for a long time. It’s partially because impulse spending can be very emotional and in my case, it definitely was!

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**The information provided should not be relied upon as investment advice or recommendations, does not constitute a solicitation to buy or sell securities and should not be considered specific legal, investment or tax advice. Investing entails risk, including the possible loss of principal, and there is no assurance that the investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. I am not a professional and this channel is for entertainment purposes only.

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every one I made a bit of a mistake last week with some in pole shopping so today on my lunch break I'm returning everything but I want to talk about impulse shopping first hey everyone if you're new here my name is Mary this is pennies not perfection and I talk a lot about paying off debt and spending money more wisely and intentionally but I also talk about how to stop or curb impulse spending because it's something I'm trying to do in my own life however I'm not anywhere near perfect about this and this past week was clearly a great example of how I personally impulse shop for the most part I keep myself out of the stores and in November I did a really really really good job of this and I did not go into stores very often at all I did not go Black Friday shopping but this past week was the wedding that we have been saving up for the whole year I was a bridesmaid my husband was in the wedding he was the best man and my daughter was the flower girl it was a family wedding and we had a ton of people from out of town and I realized for the rehearsal dinner I had nothing to wear because I felt uncomfortable and everything that I had and I'd already worn the dresses that were potential contenders already two other wedding events with the same people and I just felt like as a girl that wasn't something I wanted to do I can't find anything that I want to wear and nothing works and my dogs ain't my strapless bra so I have a regular bra on with a sheer top and it's just nothing's working and then I have all the clothes that I've discarded back there and there's some on the floor it's a mess this is how most of my mornings are but today it's a special mess because I can't wear my workout clothes oh I went looking for things to buy and I spent money I just kind of pulled stuff off I went the night before the rehearsal dinner and I bought a dress at Target at full price by the way it's cute but I tried it on and it doesn't it just isn't my style or doesn't look like me but at the time I was like yes of course I would love to buy this and I also bought a romper which I have never once in my life bought a romper that looks good or I feel comfortable in so I'm not sure why I keep buying them on impulse but I do this one actually was on clearance it was like nine dollars so it felt a little bit like a better deal so I threw it in the cart too and I just couldn't stop myself because I felt like everyone was gonna be looking good except me and I had only summary type dresses to wear and I've already worn two of them so I just felt like oh no I have to buy something and it started with the search to buy a dress and then I went and bought shoes – oh because I bought a new dress of course I had to get new booties to wear with it so I actually only own one pair of brown ones brown boots at all and they are scuffed and not really appropriate for a nicer event like a rehearsal dinner at a nice place so I did buy new boots but then I realized what am i doing these are expensive but at the store I was like oh I have to I have to find boots I can wear with my dress so I look up ring period so I bought these and then I was at Rack Room so of course they're doing a buy one get 50% off one so in that moment of course I've already bought two things at Target Anna I have a pair of boots in my hand to buy so what do I do I have another pair of shoes to my little order and not even cheap ones more expensive ones I added another pair of shoes that were more expensive than the boots the boots were like 34 dollars and these were I think 60 so I just I mean I used to wear these everyday Chuck Taylors were my thing I don't have a payer anymore because I wore the ones I had till they were holy and just I had to throw them away so like it's something I want I should probably put these on my wants list but instead I then because I was getting 50% off now the boots so in that moment my brain was just like I already spending all the money spend more money so I did so that is a pretty typical impulse spending a trip for me it's usually related to an event it's usually clothing or some type of way that I look because I can be very insecure and not confident about how I look and the clothes that I wear to event and I want to look appropriate especially when it's something that matters to me so a lot of times my info spending will be surrounded around those types of events for other stuff I'm a lot better I will go through my list of questions about buying things especially for impulse buys online I don't really online shop so I won't usually do anything like that I'm very good at making lists and saving to cart but in a store the night before an event I go crazy and I I am that's why I keep myself out of stores because I do stuff like this I spent over a hundred dollars on stuff that I'm gonna return today because I thought it through afterwards and realized I could wear another dress that I have I could do it I did wear it to a bridal shower but I could wear it to the rehearsal it's fun I can make it work so I did I did talk myself down afterwards but I still went through that impulse spend cycle so the important lesson here is that if you are doing this like I did clearly I have so much stuff I have to take back that's you give yourself the opportunity to make those mistakes but you give yourself the opportunity to like return it to not actually have the money go away so none of this will show up in my budget I won't have overspent my personal spending by $100 because of this I instead will be returning it and that's okay that's that's kind of part of it if you're impulsive and you do things like this like I do give yourself back up out give yourself back up ways to fix it so that's kind of my solution here I did go a little crazy but I have the option to return it because it's three days later I didn't wear any of it I just I talked myself out of my choices even though I had just gone ahead and swiped my debit card so I will get all that money back once I return it today and things will be okay but I just wanted to kind of show you an example of how I info shop and why it is so it can be so detrimental to the budget especially if you have everything like really tightly scheduled out if you're dropping $100 here $100 there every time an event comes around or every weekend it really adds up and blows your budget so sometimes I mess up I'm trying to get better I I don't shop for fun anymore but when an event comes around I definitely am like oh time to get close time to show up my brain just kind of malfunctions so that is me a personal finance youtuber sharing my terrible impulse shopping habits and if you do something similar I'd love to hear about it to feel a little bit better but if not I hope this was helpful to anyone that has a similar problem remember you can always return what you buy so that's the lesson today

23 thoughts on “What Impulse Spending Looks Like | Vlogmas Day 16

  1. I am definitely an impulse buyer and if I want to buy something, I just want it badly no matter how expensive it is. But since I started budgeting, it definitely lessened and I also tried doing a no-spend challenge last month (which I was very successful on!)..made me realize that I can hold myself back lol!

  2. Hey Mary!! We've all been there!!! You crush your videos!! I always enjoy watching!! i'm so behind on Holiday shopping, I need to get some stuff this weekend!! Have a great rest of your night my friend!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am guilty of this and while I am the queen of returning, I keep too much. I'm planning on downloading your list from etsy. Thanks for making it available!

  4. Thanks for sharing Mary! I've definitely done that before, especially with online shopping. And to be honest, the impulse shopping cards from your Etsy shop have been a huge help for me 🙂

  5. The boots were cute … you returned them? I definitely also do an occasional impulse spend. My best line of defence is to also just stay out of the stores. If I don’t see it, I don’t know what i am missing. I am usually too lazy to return them though because the last thing I feel like doing is going back to the stores.

  6. I’m the same. I returned hundreds of dollars worth of stuff last month that I bought on impulse. I’ve turned my ship around though and going to attempt a on spend year in 2020!

  7. Seriously, it be’s like that! From not wanting to wear the same outfit, to not feeling like what you have is complimentary to your body, to going in the store and buying way more than what I planned to get. This is something we ALL struggle with. Black Friday I was fine, until I realized I purchased something for everyone but myself and I got sad and depressed and spent 400$. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Now I have FINAL SALE items that I honestly could’ve done without. SMH.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I have a similar issue…I am so busy (or lazy) that I don't get my laundry done and when I head out for a date, event or work meeting, I stop by the store and pick up an outfit! 🙄

  9. 🎄 16 ✔️ You've helped me understand about impulse shopping Mary. While you were talking, I saw you in the impulse as a tornado, your feet went off the ground and you're in the frenzy spinning, then you touched down again and the dust settled & you returned the items. Somehow this moved me. I think because you started out with what matters to you, feeling good at an event, but you ran out of time so the tornado happened. I wonder if you could put a budget line in for clothing & shoes, and as you're a planner look ahead to the events coming up and set time aside in advance to go shopping to find what you want. Like the bridesmaids dress you found ahead of time. You are worth feeling good in what you wear all the time. 💜 TFS ☮️

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