What is Etsy Theme Shop

What is Etsy Theme Shop

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Here is a Videos Explaining What Etsy Theme Shop is, where it’s connected to, and a few things you can do with us.

Set up your Etsy Shop:

Set up your Facebook Business Page:

Signup here For Etsy Theme Shop:

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hey there I'm with that see theme shot and what I'm going to do is I'm going to break down what etsy theme shop is so on one hand you have your etsy shop and on the other hand you have your Facebook page and so what we do is we connected to and we sync your etsy shop so there are shoppers your followers that are following you on facebook can easily have access to your etsy shop and we also add a whole bunch of features so in order to set that up course you will need a Facebook page and you will need a etsy shop and then you come here and then you press sign up for free now I have another video that explains how to do it step by step so check out our youtube channel for that and now what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead to a Facebook page and show you what this all looks like after you're done setting that up so let's go ahead and here we are at our test page and so let's just say that i'm a customer i'm here on your facebook page where where would I find your etsy shop so it's right here under the app section and it this is the default image and the default text you can change this we actually have a video if you check out our youtube channel where we'll show you how to change that and also how to move it to where your customers can access your etsy shop from up here so let's go ahead and check it out and show you what it all looks like alright and whenever you're here what you'll do is is you've already set up the theme so it looked like this or you have multiple different choices you can change the awning you could change the background there's totally different theme there's steampunk vintage bird theme it's really amazing we have a whole plethora of choices for you and your items are right here with all of your shop sections and we give your customers the capability to search your products and from there let's go ahead and go to your admin and take a look at that so all you do is you press settings and here we are at the admin and whenever you're here you could do so much from your admin you can check out our helpful videos and that's also connected to our YouTube and you can refer people and get a chance to feature an item for free and you can check out all of our promotions and you can check out all of our pro features and you can check out all the important places in your admin as well and you also have access to send us a support ticket if there is anything that you like questions or if you see anything out of place or or if you need some help with something and we also have a live chat so you can always click on this and contact us from there as well and I really hope that this video was very helpful to you if you have any questions go ahead and shoot us an email at support at Etsy team shop calm and you have a great day and keep an eye out for our next video all right bye-bye

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