What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 10-2-17

What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 10-2-17

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What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 10-2-17

See what fellow sellers sold last week! What they paid, where they got it, and now much it sold for. Check out items in all categories including clothing, shoes, home decor, sporting goods, medical devices, jewelry, health and beauty, and unusual items you have never even heard of – but could find in thrift stores, at garage sales, or estate sales. Or even free on the side of the road!

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hey eBay sellers at Suzanne a Wells and welcome back for another money-making Monday post I did skip over this last week and that was not intentional I did want to quickly mention that if you have watched my video about the best way to list eBay items faster about hiring a virtual assistant if you have watched that video and submitted a entry through this portal where I get a little information from you about your business and have not heard back please check your spam it may be in there my response may be in your spam a lot of you are emailing asking if I have contacted you and folks are finding my response in their spam so if you could check that if not you can always email me at Suzanne at Suzanne a Wells calm and if you don't even know what I'm talking about I'll put a link to this video on the top right so you can check out this service to help you get your items listed faster so on to money-making Monday this is from the week of October 2nd and we're going to go through these listings and look at what everybody sold this is actually on my Facebook group this is a weekly thread that we do every Monday and we have been doing this since about 2013 so there's lots of these you can look at they're all saved in the group just do a search for money-making Monday and the purpose of this is to learn from each other so sellers will enter in their entry here what they paid for something where they found it how much they sold it for and they'll put a link to the listing so you can go look at it so the point is to go to this thread and read through this and click on the links to go look at the so you can see did they have free shipping on it was an auction or fixed price or you know any of the details that you want to know about the item you can go to the listing and look at it so let's get started we've got Rebecca Rebecca who purchased these Lanvin ballet flats for $7.99 and sold for $80 with free shipping in four days so that is whoops that is a huge sale quick flip and she looks like she took an offer there so she had him priced at 98 but took an offer of 80 so great pictures and this always helps when you find something with this information on the box if you look at this let's see if we can zoom in here four hundred and ninety five dollars these were originally from Barney's of New York so that is a fantastic find so she turned eight bucks into 80 bucks in about four days so you can't beat that okay looks like she's got another one Rebecca here right at the top purchased at a thrift store for 399 listed for about eight months at 125 based on internet comps with no interest took best offer okay what she means there is the one she found online there there seemed to be no interest in them I'm guessing took best offer of 64 dollars plus shipping and this is this is a perfect example of something that you might be walking right by and not even know it's worth anything it's a looks like black and white pencil drawing or charcoal drawing let's see yeah it's some kind of drawing either pencil or charcoal just a squirrel in the woods you know just a picture of a squirrel that's sold for a whole bunch of money and there he is I mean that's that's something I would walk by and it's got the artist name here in pencil and then on the other side the name is of the print of the piece is called woodlot she's got lots of good pictures of the frame and the back and of course it's old so it's going to be a little worn looking you know things are okay lithograph so that's what it is signed and framed and she took $64 so you know $64 for a picture of a squirrel in the woods only on ebay that's just that's a perfect example of what eBay can do for you okay let's see we've got Nicole Ramsay this was 60 cents in a mixed bag of other vintage how do you even say that she likes toys I probably butchered that so somebody correct me so the others for about $20 each this one took about six months and sold for $39.99 plus shipping to New Zealand so there you go again on the International shipping if you are not shipping internationally you are leaving money on the table and it's just a little bendable toy brown dog black ears red collar and why aren't my pictures loading anyway I would have overlooked that to four inches across and 1.5 inches tall just a little bendable dog this sold for 40 bucks that went to Australia aren't we just living the dream making our money on eBay doing this I mean it just amazes me every day okay let's see what else we can find here Rebecca boy you just had a good week let's look at what this is she purchased at Goodwill for ten dollars total listed for three months and took best offer of $80 plus shipping ABC the view lot of five coffee mugs original cast okay so that's definitely an interesting set and that sold for $80 and she paid a total of $10 for all of those and I believe selling those as a set helped make them more valuable it's hard to know what to do on these sets if you should break them up or keep them together the only way to know is to look at comps and see because somebody may have the whole set and they just want one or maybe they just don't have any and they need the whole set so it could be anybody in either situation okay John you put your listing up here but it doesn't say how much you paid for it okay this is oh here's a Starbucks mug let's see what happened Helen paid two dollars and fourteen cents on clearance at Starbucks sold for 1997 plus 2114 shipping to a buyer in India had these listed for a year and relisted about two weeks ago and so then they go down here to discuss that Starbucks has a clearance and yes sometimes they do Helen says never seen them as low as $2 so let's go take a look at that listing and it is your basic black Starbucks mug and it looks like she's got oh she's bought us a few of those so she's got one left if anybody wants it great and she's got a good description down there and she's got her international shipping so you just never know where inventory is waiting for you and like they're discussing down here Starbucks has a clearance section and things are going to be priced differently based on the different stores so when you're in there getting your pre thrifting jolt of caffeine you can check out the clearance section if they have one and make that little Starbucks stop for your Frappuccino or whatever you get a business expense because you are looking at what's on clearance so see how I work that in right there okay this is a great one here Dana bought this for a dollar fifty took three months which is longer than she thought it would take and took best offer of $29 and if you are not aware that vintage feminine products sell here is the proof and that's what I love to do in my videos is show you all the proof of what people sold not what you think it might sell for because an item is only worth what someone's gonna pay for it not what you think it will sell for so let's see she took a best offer of $29 and this is vintage Kotex feminine napkins so people buy these and honestly I've heard that they're purchased for like movie sets people have shipped things to different movie sets in California or in New York and it may be used for a prop it could be used for any kind of like a play I don't know whose do ever play but a prop is really what it's probably going to be used for or who knows some type of vintage collection of you know how this type of product has evolved over the years maybe in a college course or something like that where they study marketing and how things have evolved over the years I majored in marketing and we had stuff like that so we didn't have this particular product shown to us but you know there's a need for this kind of thing because everything ages and it becomes historical so you just never know what people are going to use these things for especially like this if it's new in the box it doesn't look like let's see this she haven't listed as she has enlisted as used meaning the box was probably open and a couple were taken out or something it says twelve included box opened it damaged from storage but still can tuck tab into top so anyway just to broaden your horizons probably way more than you wanted them broadened on this video you see this in the goodwill or at a garage sale you just never know you might be able to sell it okay moving on to less embarrassing products let's see what Bethany has here pay three dollars sold in one day what's funny is I sold this same shirt last year and it took almost three months to sell so let's see what that was and that happens to me to like I'll find the exact same item and I'm like oh yeah I know this will sell because I've already sold it before so she sold it for $24.99 and it's a cute linen embroidered top brand is cabby see ABI those sell pretty well and it's 100% linen so that is also a factor in the value because linen is a more expensive fabric and for those of you don't who don't know where linen comes from I should do a trivia quiz but I know a lot of you would cheat with Google but linen comes from flax which is a plant and it comes from the stalk or the read of the flax plant like the seeds or what you see you know flax seed breads where it's mixed into baked goods and that kind of thing and the flax oil and all of that comes from the seeds but the stalks of the flax plant are what is used to make linen so there's your useful fact if you ever get on Jeopardy and need to know that so that is a great sale and the brand is cabby CA B I know and Melanie says my daughter I love finding things I've sold in the past yeah because we'll be like it I've sold this before a nodal sell okay let's see this is Monica who I have enjoyed meeting through email and she is a yoga teacher who said that she has spent the last seven years barefoot in her own yoga studio on a mat and I thought I said that just sounds like heaven to me but any entrepreneur has issues and has problems and it's never as easy as everyone thinks it is so shout out to Monica so she found these for free at the end of her kids school tag sale and sold them for a hundred and sixty dollars with free shipping okay you can't beat free that you turn into money so if this will load we can see what it is they are my Oh facial pain and dysfunction the trigger point manual volumes 1 & 2 it looks like and lisas saying here that she would have sent it priority for that much money and so Monica said she didn't really know that so thank you for bringing that up anyway my Internet's a little slow as usual so we're gonna move on to the next item but the point here is that she got these free at the end of a tag sale so hang around and pick up the leftovers you never know what you might get okay let's see what else we've got okay here's a brand I wanted to mention Bohdan be OD in this is a brand that comes out of the UK if you are not familiar with that and Michelle got this at 479 at Goodwill and sold it for $49.99 in a couple of hours and so let's go see what this is very colorful I definitely would have picked that up it's a very colorful colorful top and let's see nice pictures just a colorful floral top but this is the kind of thing I look for that jumps out at you off the the rack that's just loud and bright and obviously a quick seller so 479 she turned that into $49.99 and the brand is Bohdan bo de in okay what else do we have here here's another Starbucks mug I'm not gonna open every single one of these listings because it's faster if we can just kind of go through and look at the preview she paid a dollar ninety-nine at Goodwill took more than six months to sell it finally sold for $22 plus shipping and here we are in October and this was a Starbucks coffee mug so more proof that seasonal sells all year eBay knows no seasons so get those items listed okay let's see here here's a good one Angie paid $4 at a local thrift store and sold this for thirty to ninety five and three weeks and it's a vintage tackle box that's something that I might pass up not knowing it was worth anything but let's see if that one will load for us you know my internet always seems to slow down when I get on to make these videos so I apologize for that well we're just gonna skip that but the point here is a tackle box she thought for sure he'd be sitting till spring and she sold it in three weeks so she must have bought it in September and it sold in early October and that would be really easy to ship it probably wouldn't take much I wouldn't weigh much and it wouldn't be really fragile to ship so that's that's a good thing to look at okay here we go Shana purchase at a thrift store from last year stock for two dollars and fifty cents sold it on auction for 2679 and it's a boys Peter Pan Halloween costume a Disney costume so it can pay to hold on to stuff for a year I do see a lot of questions about when should I give up on an item and you know that's just a judgment a judgment call because the more you do this the more experienced you are you the sense of urgency kind of diminishes it's it's not when you're new you feel like things need to sell right away or you're failing and that's not the case this just takes time I've sold things after having them a year and a half just because I know the right buyer is going to come along I prefer to sell things quickly but you don't have to have an either-or business you don't have to do the slow dime versus the fast nickel you can do both you can have a whole mix of different kinds of strategies going on in your store you know you don't have to just stick with one or the other so as you get more experienced you're going to get more patient you're gonna realize that the buyers will come you just have to keep finding things and keep listing them and for those of you that are new and you're frustrated and you think that because your item hasn't sold in three months that it won't this you're just going to have to be patient it just doesn't work like that you just keep listing and you'll keep selling and honestly the magic number that I see on most of my clients who stick with this is 250 items and about six months of selling those two things together you will start to see things snowball and the store will kind of take on of a lot of life of its own and you'll get some momentum but when you're new there's all kind of metrics that work against you when you're new because in search you've got things like when your account was opened how much feedback you have how many things you've sold all of that goes into the the search algorithm and when you're new you just don't have all that historical stuff to help you so you have to create a history you know it's the whole rome wasn't built in a day you've got to work some unpaid hours to get this business going and if you don't have the patience for that this may not be for you you know I'm the only person in my family out of four kids that has the entrepreneur mindset you know I'm willing to work many unpaid hours to get the result I want my siblings you know they want a salary job they want to get paid for their work and go home and not think about it but I'm just I'm wired differently and I know a lot of you are so just be aware that this takes time and you just have to keep yourself motivated and keep going and it is not a fast result at all if you're reading that on the internet somewhere that you know you can do this and build this business in 90 days that is very unusual and not what I have seen working with over a thousand clients since 2009 it just doesn't work like that so let's get back to money-making Monday's here and talk about making money okay George he found these awesome men's converse Chuck Taylors for $3 at a garage sale sold at auction for two hundred and twelve dollars now what I'd like to know is that person this garage sale hit they're kicking themselves for doing this because can you imagine finding out that you sold something for $3 that our reseller bought and sold for two hundred and twelve dollars yeah I'd feel I'd feel kind of embarrassed about that but here they are they are camouflage high-tops they've got the Box George always finds great things but see here how the Box looks pretty vintage it's got the size on it and it's got the year on the box also must be right there where it says 1984 Olympic Games official sponsor so this is this is what eBay is all about right here is being able to develop an eye for something like this and spotting these details and being able to walk out of a garage sale was something that you know is worth a couple of hundred dollars and keep a straight face and just walk to your car and drive away knowing what's gonna happen so I love these kind of sales okay so let's see what else we've got here is a good bread and butter item some Clark's artisan black ankle boots Jean paid $7 at Goodwill sold within a month for $30 plus shipping there's and there's your international again get signed up for international also check out my video on shipping direct and not using the global shipping program because it does make it more expensive for your international buyers all right let's see what else we've got something unusual oh I love these Barbie ones Shanna says it's part of an earlier bar Barbie lot purchased sold just the long dresses alone see how much they went for they sold for $17.99 I mean these little tiny bitty itty bitty Barbie clothes sold for almost $18 and they were whoops what's the wrong thing they were part of a lot so if you are into the little bitty things Barbie clothes are definitely good moneymakers I sold several of them on Amazon when I was selling over there through retail arbitrage just stuff that was limited in the stores we would figure out which I think was like Barbie pajamas it was something really crazy and we'd buy them for like 10 bucks and sell them for $40 cuz they were just hard to find and it's there's just the sky's the limit on this stuff you know I never bought my kids expensive stuff like that but you never know who your customers are and that's the thing is you are not your customer just because you wouldn't do something doesn't mean other people won't so you got to keep an open mind when you're selling this stuff okay let's find some other stuff to talk about here Jeanne had a good week sold a lot of stuff and Lisa so let's say she paid $4.99 at a thrift store sold for 3825 after a few weeks and these are the Santa clogs professional clogs just always remember to do the twist test on the bottom of these as well as clark's and Bourne and any of these shoes that have these sort of microbial soles on them you want to bend them and twist them around because they will dry out and start to disintegrate so and that may be why they were donated was because the soles are bad so just be sure to check that before you buy them here is Morgan paid 50 cents the yard sale sold in a day and a half for 2995 Lucky Brand where the clover orange long-sleeve shirt so somehow that was a rare item and she sold it in a day and a half so again get those items listed because they can't sell if they're not listed and that's where my listing service can help you out let's see what we got here I can't see the picture on that one Brandie I bought this for 29 I'm not sure if she's that must be $29 or 29 cents accepted a best offer of 75 plus shipping sold in two days maybe she'll come on and clarify what she bought those for I'm thinking it must be either she forgot the decimal or it was at the by the pound store the goodwill outlet so they are Redwing men's size 11 wide and that's probably why they sold so fast because the wide shoes and the narrow shoes are harder to find and those are going to get grabbed up quickly so if you have to make a choice and you have wide or narrow shoes to choose from pick those over regular widths because they will sell for more and they usually sell faster so I wonder I I'm sure this is not $29 I'm sure this is either two dollars and ninety cents or she got it the by the pound store so anyway a good sale there okay Julie Anderson paid $2 at the yard sale took about two months sold for $49 plus the global shipping program and this is the 1992 Disney Jasmine from Aladdin Barbie doll two dollars at a yard sale so when you're at these yard sales look for things new in the package that's a great flip they or some collector will love that okay let's see what out Julie got lots of toys okay let's pick out a few more here Kim free from her mother sold in a few days listed at $99.99 took best offer of $75 with Free Shipping and these are some 14 karat yellow gold and diamond hinged hoop earrings very nice sale that jewelry is a great seller easy to ship just always put insurance on that just in case because what I've heard is the smaller it is the easier it gets stolen so even people at the post office have sticky hands so be careful with that and really jewelry don't ship it in something tiny put it in a little bit bigger of a box so that it's you know it has a less chance of getting lost or pocketed or taken okay let's pick a few more here okay this is a good brand since we're getting close to Halloween Madison paid $12 at a consignment sale sold for a total of 53 dollars and 50 cents in a few days and the brand is called chasing fireflies I have seen this brand do well actually our wonderful moderator Jen Cangelosi actually taught me about this brand years ago this is a really cute costume and it's oh it's a Disney line okay Disney chasing fireflies so any of this princess glitter stuff does really well so look for that so this sold for fifty 350 and she paid $12 at a consignment sale so that was a good sale let's see what we have here I wanted to show you this one Angela says this was a first and outside of my norm found four pairs of pole dancing shorts for a dollar fifty each about a month back sold each separately between $15 and $19 each plus shipping and all were gone within a month so who knew that there even was such a thing as pole dancing shorts now the question is how did she know that's what they were yes somebody's asking where they marked as pole dancing shorts so that's see if there's any tags on here oh I see here's a little little logo here it says pole fit so obviously you would have to look at those really close to figure that out but now we all know there are pole dancing shorts and I also saw the other day on a facebook video that there is something called aqua pole dancing where they actually have these poles in a pool and you can go and learn to do pole dancing in the pool and like not have gravity working against you so you know I guess those baby boomers are just paving the way for all kind of things when we get old we can get in the pool and do pole dancing and we can get our shorts on eBay okay anyway what else do we have here and Brian we always have to talk about his sales cuz he finds the coolest stuff paid $5 at a garage sale and sold for $79.99 after about a month and this is a Jaguar hood ornament so he uses some good garage sales I went last weekend and for three hours and didn't find anything it was just I think it was just an off week or something but sometimes I guess I'm just picky and I'm looking for really high profit items okay let's see a couple more here Donna Donna paid two dollars at a garage sale her daughter thought she was nuts that's old why do you want it and she says to sell on eBay of course sold in eight days for $42.99 Donna O'Shaugnessy I love your last name that's just fun to say so let's go take a look at this it's my Christmas holiday carousel wagon and six horses with lights and 21 songs and that is a really interesting piece there's all the information on the back the brand is actually mr. Christmas and that just looks fun I can see somebody buying that that looks like a fun decoration so she bought that for two dollars and sold it for $42.99 so that is great Donna thank you so much for posting I recognize you from YouTube so thanks for coming over to the group and let's pick out one more because this video is getting really long okay here is Diana she is one of our repeat customers with our virtual assistant service we have been listing her things for her she bought this for $2 on sale day at Goodwill and sold for $20 plus shipping after about three months and the dress had a defect so what I want to show you here is how things can sell with a defect I've talked about this before so don't worry about everything having to be in perfect condition because it does not she says in her seller notes overall good condition with no rip stains or holes there is one small pull mark on the right bottom side of the dress approximately 15 inches above the bottom hem it is not overly noticeable because it's a close it's close to the side seam and closer to the bottom of the dress she's got some photos here of it let's see yeah she's pointing to just one little looks like a little pic there it's just a pull so not a huge damaged area but it's not perfect and a lot of times it just doesn't matter so this was a gorgeous dress for holidays just a side note red is the best color if you have to make a choice when you're buying inventory red formal wear and like party dresses cocktail dresses are the best because they can be worn for Christmas Valentine's anything patriotic like a you know Veterans Day a military ball those types of things red is just a great color to go with because there's so many holidays it can be used for fourth of July pageants you know the beauty queens on the floats and stuff like that so red and black are my go-to colors on dresses and formal wear type stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up again this is in my Facebook group stay-at-home mom selling on eBay you do not have to be a mom to join we formed this group back in 2008 and there's just too many people in it now and it's we can't change the name without having to start all over again so that's just a Facebook thing so any way anybody's welcome moms dads whoever and you can come and read this thread every week read old threads you will learn and be amazed every week because I still AM when I see things that people have sold like this week I learned all about pole dancing shorts so you just never know so thanks for watching would love your comments below on how you did this week what you sold and what's going on in your eBay world thanks for watching bye

14 thoughts on “What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 10-2-17

  1. Thank you so much Suzanne… very awesome!! Can you also do a video on patience? It's my most difficult thing I deal with. I want things to sell and go and when I see stuff folks have for 8 month to a year, I freak out.

  2. Thanks for commenting on the red Bebe dress I sold! When I considered buying it, I actually remembered you saying not everything has to be perfect, so I decided for $2 I would go for it. Definitely not as exciting as the pole dancing shorts though. lol Thanks for another great video. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm uncomfortable keeping items too long and buying more. I'm a minimalist and don't like more than around 200 items in my store and inventory room. So, if I don't sell an item in a reasonable amount of time, I donate them. I know it might sell eventually but I don't like to store things. I keep most jeans as long as necessary and usually coats and sports coats but shirts and stuff I don't keep. But that's just me and everyone is different. But I've been in business for myself since 1967. Started a thrift store with a friend and a truck. But I sure don't like holding onto inventory. To me, that's just lost money.

  4. Regarding your comment about always buying insurance when shipping jewelry, do we really have to if we ship via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail? Don't we get $100 in free insurance when we ship via Priority? (Which is confusing in and of itself as the USPS website says most items are insured up to $50 but I sold an item yesterday for $99 and the ebay shipping page said my item would be insured up to $100 if I selected Priority Mail. I was going to buy additional insurance but didn't because of this information). Please clarify. Thanks!

  5. Looks like those Lanvin shoes were sold way below value. $80 seems great but comp solds on ebay hover around $200, or even $250, if new or like new. Seller may have left money on the table. Some really want the fast nickel. The slow dime method would have netted more.

  6. I had a Starbucks Christmas mug for over a year…i took it off since it wouldn't move…i was so frustrated. Still have it may relist

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