What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 9 25 17

What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 9 25 17

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What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 9 25 17

See what fellow sellers sold last week! What they paid, where they got it, and now much it sold for. Check out items in all categories including clothing, shoes, home decor, sporting goods, medical devices, jewelry, health and beauty, and unusual items you have never even heard of – but could find in thrift stores, at garage sales, or estate sales. Or even free on the side of the road!

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hey eBay sellers it's Suzanne a Wells thank you for coming back for another video and this is a money-making Monday video where I'm going to show you what other sellers have sold during the past week this is posted on my facebook group called stay-at-home moms selling on eBay but you do not have to be a mom to join this group we started this group back in 2008 and that's what we named it and now it has over 26,000 members and we can't change the name so you can find the link to that below this video and what we do here is every Monday Shanee starts the thread and look how early she comes on three o'clock in the morning she's always got this up super early for us and everybody posts their sales there finds where they bought it how much they paid for it and how much it sold for and if they know how long it took to sell this is a great learning tool if you are just learning how to sell on eBay because we usually have between 150 and 200 posts on this during the week and it's by sellers from all walks of life in all locations all levels of experience just sharing what they sold and we require that you put the link to the items so that other sellers can go and click on that to see the listing and look at the details such as was it an auction or fixed price was it free shipping all the details you can go directly to the listing and look at that so let's jump in and again I do this at random if you would like your find shown in one of my videos just tag me and I will be glad to include that for you but know no preferences here I'm just picking things that look interesting that will help others learn so for example de Lin found this Pottery Barn flat twin sheet she purchased it for 56 cents and sold it for $19.99 in six months Pottery Barn sheets always sell for me even when it's not the whole set and I will have to second that because I look for sheets all the time if they're interesting or a good brand name they will sell you do not need the whole set sometimes it doesn't even matter if they're stains on them moms of little kids know that we need to make it fun for them to go to bed and put interesting sheets on their beds as well as have plenty of extras for cleaning up those kid type messes that happen so here's her her fun little sheet here is just stars and moons and she turned 56 cents into $19.99 looks like she probably used a flat rate padded mailer to ship that in so that is a way to expand your business if you're not looking at the linens okay oh wow here's a good one Lisa paid $5 at a garage sale sold this for a hundred and forty eight dollars and fifty cents on a seven day auction so let's go see what this is Luigi's Mansion Nintendo Player Joyride so it's your Luigi character there and what is this thing it isn't just a Nintendo thing if you're into Nintendo you're gonna know what this is looks like they're just little action figures yep action figures they don't really even do anything new in unopened box rare figure so I wonder if Lisa knew this was rare or if she looked that up on her mobile app and figured that out either way she paid $5.00 for it and turned it into almost a hundred and fifty dollars in seven days and this is what makes eBay so addicting okay here's another great one Brenda bought this at a garage sale for a dollar fifty she took a best offer of $85 plus shipping go see what that is some earrings small hoop earrings 14 karat yellow and white gold small hoop earrings scrap or wear marked JB wonder what that is oh this is a great idea to show the scale that she's weighed them on the scale to show how much they weigh and actually put the item on a ruler to show the dimensions so I love that there's no question there of the weight or the size of the item that's a great find I need to learn more about jewelry to me it just kind of all looks the same but I know that is a a niche that I'm leaving money on the table okay here's another interesting thing these chickens and roosters they they sell good for some reason I guess it's just in right now with all the farmhouse decor Brenda got this free from a friend she took a best offer of twenty four dollars plus shipping and it's going to Australia so again those of you who are not shipping internationally you are leaving money on the table I will put my link to my 30 minute international shipping tutorial on the top you can watch that over and over again it is not hard it is not complicated these are just people that live far away that want to buy stuff so nothing to be afraid of this is actually very pretty and it's linic excuse me Lennox so that is an expensive brand so that was a great a great gift from a friend it was free so take those free things from friends you just never know okay let's see what else we've got Rebecca this one took almost three months she could have taken a best offer several times for less so hold out on your price decided to hold out seeing Souls and what was available husband got these off the side of the road and a free pile sold for 69.95 while on sale so there is just stuff all over the place to sell if you can't find anything to sell on eBay we need to talk because you're just not looking so here's her sale it looks like these are just some emblems and you know I see these things all the time people are selling these on eBay you find them at garage sales or wherever but these were free so you just can't be turning free into $70 okay here is a very interesting one by Dana she bought these at a thrift store for a dollar 25 and they sold in three weeks for $30 and they are the McDonald's Happy Meal boxes somebody saved up all the boxes I wish I had thought to do this from the 80s to the 90s obviously vintage but my little sister used to love these Happy Meals I was a little too old for him when they came out but they had all the fun boxes and then they kind of stopped doing the fun boxes they just put things in bags when my kids were growing up I don't remember having these boxes but my sister used to love these she's about four years younger so she loved her Happy Meal and her Happy Meal toys I'll never forget that but that is very clever someone saved those and they sold for $30 again going to Spain so if you're not shipping internationally take the plunge and do it or if you're afraid and you want to talk to me about it first let's set up a call and we can talk about it and I can help you get started because this is the number one way to increase your sales without having to do more work there are billions of people on this planet and only what 350 million live in the United States so we have billions of people outside of our country who have computers and buy on eBay that are not your customer because you're not offering shipping I won't talk about that anymore I just I hate to see money left on the table because it's just so easy to sell this stuff and Dana's got another one here this is Johnny was yeah this is a great brand and she sold this for $90 she bought it for $1 and let's see yeah this brand is very expensive I believe it comes out of Los Angeles one of my big clients that I'm working with on revising his titles sells a lot of this and gets it gets it in a through a special connection but this stuff is beautiful it usually has beautiful embroidery on it and let's see the tag is even you know out its jumps out at you and it's called Johnny was and you will see a lot of this with like beach cover-ups and sort of like loungewear that's it's very soft it's very comfortable its flowy it's usually made of cotton it's just beautiful stuff so that is a great sale and remember that brand Johnny was ok let's see what else we've got here here are some vintage yellow pumps Rebecca got these for 25 cents at a yard sale and they sold for best offer of 3750 in a month now you might look at these and think okay wow those are really yellow and they are really vintage but looks like she's got the box here I can't get a picture of that box with the date on it but a lot of times when you've got the shoes in the box the box is gonna have the date on it let's see if we can see that can't really tell from there but you know vintage sells so she turned 25 cents into 37:54 picking up something unique and here she is again with something she got at the Benz for a dollar and sold it for 56 95 in three months and j.crew is a brand very very popular brand it sells well and here is her picture Italian cashmere orange striped cardigan so that's really pretty and she sold that for $56 okay let's find something else interesting to look at here oh wow what is this Carrie says doesn't everyone need an 18 inch tall gentleman bunny paid $5 sold for $70 after 2 weeks and it's fitz and floyd which is a brand of like ceramic collectibles and here we go it looks like it could be something from Beatrix Potter let's see if it is no it's old-world rabbits so along the same lines as Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit type thing but gets employed is definitely one to look up when you find that I've sold all kind of their pieces from just little Christmas plates that you would put candy on or something like that to figurines and all kind of decorative items so that's a fantastic sale and yes apparently everyone does need an 18 inch tall gentleman bunny so that's funny here's a good one Carolyn purchased for 397 sold within five days of listing for full price of 50 for 97 and it's Sesame Street alphabet books let's see what she's got here oh that's cute little little books how cute is that and so the whole set went for 50 for 97 she got her asking price and the shipping she probably sent Media Mail since its books so whoever says books books to our dead is not accurate in that statement because who we got Sesame Street books that sold for over $50 so that is a great sale okay Mia black Robinson free from my mother-in-law's Avon stash sold for twenty four dollars after two months yes that Avon stuff still sells and I actually sold Avon in high school you know I was a budding entrepreneur even back then in ninth grade I started selling that stuff and I look for that even now because some of this stuff sells you just have to look it up and see what it is some of the old perfume bottles do well and some do not so well but this is actually sealed and new and she did free shipping on that also remember on fragrances that you can only ship them Parcel select they cannot go on an airplane they cannot go first-class or priority because they are considered hazmat and they have to go ground only so make a note of that okay let's see what else we've got here all the favorites that are on here every week the regulars that post their stuff every week you guys are just amazing out there just being so consistent with this stuff here's something interesting Lisa paid $4 at a yard sale sold for $68 after a couple of weeks and let's see what it is well it's true religion so that's that's an expensive brand and then we've got Buddha horse a horse shoe backpack in denim so just in time for back-to-school here and that's just a cool looking pattern with the True Religion Buddha and the horseshoe symbol and the suede bottom now true religion jeans are often faked but doubt you would find a fake backpack this looks pretty well made so I I can't really comment on it it just looks like it's fine like there's nothing that jumps out that is um making it look fake but when you're selling jeans you definitely want to authenticate any of the the higher end brands to make sure that they are authentic okay lisa's posted a bunch of stuff there she had a really good week okay this is something interesting Bella got this for four dollars at a church thrift shop sold for $65 best offer in a week Wow and I don't know how you pronounced that if it's just ASOS or if it's it looks like it's just the initials it is a two-piece sequined dress with the peplum skirt size 18 20 and wow that is that is a fantastic piece right there it almost looks like a kaleidoscope that is really pretty oh so you could wear it as I wonder if you could wear it as two pieces I mean as the top no it's probably not long enough to wear it by itself but it's got the top and then the pull on skirt and the beautiful multicolored sequins very pretty that is really an interesting piece and she sold it for how much she got a $4 sold for $65 on best offer in a week I would have taken that best offer too that is really cool okay here we've got Kristen Pope she's one of my great students who has come a long way bras are my new favorite bread-and-butter they are so easy to list in our quick flip she bought this one at Salvation Army for a dollar fifty and it sold for 1995 in less than a week so let's go take a look at that it is a Victoria Secret so that's you know everyone knows that brand 32b beige nude bombshell padded strapless removable straps so all her keywords are great she's got good pictures some people say the larger sizes are the only thing you should focus on with the bras but everybody needs to replace them at some point so you know that's a good seller always look for those look them up see what brand sell well see what colors so well and give it a try even if you're a guy you can learn I always I always look for like Wacoal and I've even sold some of the Delta Burke ones that are the larger sizes but everybody replaces these so you just never know who's gonna need one at the time you have the right size okay let's see here we've got Monica bought at Goodwill for $4.99 sold in a few hours for $89 including shipping flat rate of $17 for a profit of $57 probably could have gotten more but wanted to sell it fast so I priced it just under the lowest I think this might be the one I just made a video about Medi rub massager mm plus absolutely yeah I just made a video about this brand let's see this is a different item but it is a massager that sometimes is prescribed for diabetics the one I did the video on on the top right explains the foot massager that sells really well but this brand Medi rub is definitely one to look at if you're at estate sales or garage sales and so she got it for $4.99 and it's sold in a few hours for $89 so even though things look boring or unusual give it a try you just never know and this is Lynn Conner so great to meet you at the Lunch and Learn Lynn I am glad that you are posting on money-making Mondays so these are a beyo abo shoes and she got them for a dollar and sold them for 29 let's go take a look at these and there they are they are it's called a Bay oh and I've got a link to my video about these on the top right their sandals and they were an arrow so that narrows and wides are always gonna sell better than regular widths just because there aren't as many of them and she sold them for $29 and I bet I know where she got them for a dollar but I'm not gonna say okay let's see what else okay this is our cover shot this week is Amy's $3 at a yard sale sold for $35 plus nine dollars shipping and it's vintage troll dolls just I just had to make these the cover because I remember these things and I just thought they were awful they were just like scary little dolls and very very weird but they're a thing and people collect them so these also are the kind of thing that jump out at you when you're looking in the toy bin because they're that hair just is unmistakable and it's usually a very bright color so this was this was a great sale she was very brave to bring these into her house three dollars at a yard sale and sold for thirty five plus nine dollars shipping so weird sells okay let's see what else we've got Emily paid three dollars for this at Goodwill sold for $45 plus shipping and the brand is called mini Bowden and this is a brand out of the UK they make clothing for children and adults yeah I would have picked this up too because this is just so bright and colorful that's really cute with the toggle closures on the front the nice hood it's a nice brand it's got a good aligning that's a very nice piece and what'd she say she got full price at $45 so she took a best offer of $45 that's yeah look for the things that jump off the shelf at you or jump off the rack that are very brightly colored okay and here we are getting into Christmas Amy again picked up this lands in stocking for a dollar sat forever over a year but finally sold for $34 t4 dollars and went overseas so again international shipping may not have sold to anyone if she hadn't offered international shipping and it's just a pretty needlepoint stocking somebody's gonna use for a pretty Christmas decoration so she turned $1 into $34 and that sent it somewhere around the world okay let's see what else we've got Damaris my friend my friend in Georgia bought this $3 for a bundle of blankets sold for $49 so let's go see what that is who knew it looks so it looks so average and ordinary there's just nothing about it that really jumps out at you it's just pretty vintage 100% cotton woven plaid stripe baby blanket pastel weave beacon it must be the brand and the size is 40 by 56 so it those vintage tags are always a giveaway so that's a good sale yep look through those baby blankets you never know what you might find okay let's do a couple more oh here's my favorite pampered chef I always look for this stuff Diana good to see you on money-making Mondays talk to you on the phone last week and that was a pleasure she purchased this for two dollars it's sold in two days for $24.99 I've sold this thing I don't know how many times it's like I think it's called like the Handy chopper it has a name it's like that thing on TV called a slap shot but pampered chef had it first and also this that brand xoxo makes one like this that I've sold before but always if you have the box that's gonna make it sell better so she turned two dollars into $24.99 easy to ship not breakable so that's a great sale that anybody out there can can make just look for these things okay let's pick one more there's mark he's on here every week with all of his great finds let's pick out something we haven't talked about for a while oh here's something Monica again purchased at a yard sale for ten dollars sold in two days for $49.99 plus shipping plus my kid really enjoyed testing this out printed a bunch of old photos off our camera it's a Polaroid instant mobile printer so for you computer people electronics people look for these things that that's a great flip there that looks practically new missing battery cover plate everything works so yeah test these things out you never know oh here's a good one sherry found 200 of these on the free shelf at a local thrift store made about a hundred and thirty three dollars took about a week and it's a lot of Na sixty 1996 Amway cassette tapes motivational that is very interesting oh my if you're if you're in my generation you have heard about Amway for most of your life and usually run the other way when someone starts talking about it yeah look at that she listed out all what was on the tapes there all the topics and amazing that anybody would still buy cassette tapes but there you have the proof okay let's pick one more I may start splitting this money-making Monday's video up into two different videos because it's just it's just a lot to go through and I hate to leave anybody out but again if you want to be in the video and you want to be mentioned please tag me and I will be glad to mention you this is a vintage Suzy Lee mohair sweater sheep farm castle lavender NIT hand knit in England that's your key word right there is hand knit in England that's really cute I guess that's the children's let's see doesn't doesn't have measurement so it's on the pictures so that was a very interesting piece I definitely would have picked that up and let's see what she sold it for took a best offer of 50 laughter being listed for two days yeah I would have taken that too if I only paid 50 cents for it okay well I'm gonna wrap up the video now because I've got to go list my stuff but again come to my facebook group stay-at-home mom selling on eBay and spend some time on this thread every week and there are you can go to the past threads as well this goes back I think 2013 we've been doing it every week so you can just learn so much by by watching by reading these threads and I'll do my best to make videos as as much as I can so I appreciate you watching and you a shout out if there's something you want mentioned or if you have any suggestions for other videos thanks for watching and have a great day on eBay bye

8 thoughts on “What Sold on eBay Money Making Monday 9 25 17

  1. I saw one of these roosters on Saturday. I picked it up and considered taking a chance on it. I put it back down, and someone else had snatched it up. Oh, well.

  2. You are so right about expanding into selling other items. One of my neighbors had a yard sale. I bought a pair of kid's Pottery Barn Sheet set with cars on them for $5.00. The sheets had never been used. I looked them up and they were a 'very hard to find' pair of Pottery Barn sheets. I posted them on Sunday night and they sold for $40 on Tuesday!!! My husband says I should have posted them for more. I was happy with my first bedding sale. I can't wait to find more great bedding items!!

  3. I love these videos, I learn so much. Imagine …Amway Tapes?!?! I would've walked right by them. Not anymore. Every week Suzanne you push me farther and farther from my comfort zone (selling clothes) and I'm having a blast. I too would love to see a video on the pros and cons of Ebay's promoted listings. Thanks for all your hard work.

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