What to do if someone wants to pick up an Etsy order. Etsy tips and tutorials

What to do if someone wants to pick up an Etsy order. Etsy tips and tutorials

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If someone wants to pick up an order instead of having you ship it, you need to take a few things into account, including personal safety and privacy, and the time involved.

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hey guys I had a question about whether like actually it was how if someone is local to you and they say I bought this on Etsy and I was wondering if I could come pick it up to avoid paying for the shipping cost or I'm going to buy it but I want to pick it up how do you handle that so first you have to decide whether you're gonna let people pick stuff up and if you do you know do you want them to buy it ahead of time the answer is yes never let anyone come to your home if you don't know them that's you know personal safety and privacy thing number one so if if someone does want to pick something up and you're comfortable with them coming to your home which is basically our place of work or if it's someone who like a spouse works with them in this in the case that I'm talking about this person had her husband it was a husband's co-worker so she could send it to work with her husband that worked out but what you do is just have them buy it on it so you don't do anything I would just do the regular listing because that helps your listing quality score if you're gonna renew it all right so don't do a custom listing just have to do the regular listing and then when it is actually delivered and they have signed the receipt to say they got it it always have them signed the receipt because that's proof of delivery and the reason that you want to ship things is because you get the proof of delivery so that's good for that but have them sign it once they do and you have that receipt then you issue a refund for the shipping it's better to use the regular listing like I said because if that renews then you have a little extra boost on the quality rating for that listing now there are probably questions about you know when people say can you meet me or can you deliver this to me well sure if you're gonna charge them a delivery fee because that's your time and you need to be paid for that when I was doing cakes we charged everybody for deliveries obviously that was kind of a basic thing and we charge people on average I think the cake deliveries were like a dollar a mile round-trip so if it was a sixty mile round-trip that's a sixty dollar delivery and even if someone says can you meet me at Starbucks and I'll meet you in the parking lot or you know like some police stations have the exchange places for Craigslist transactions and that kind of thing but you can go and meet someone in a safe place it's in public make sure that number when they by it first so that you have their payment don't let them pay you in cash in person because they will not show up and number to make sure you're charging a delivery fee because I guarantee you you'll get there and you'll sit and wait and they won't be there so make sure you get their payment upfront because then that guarantees that they'll be there tell them this is what I'm going to beat at this place it's going to be a delivery fee if you want to do that or I can put it in the mail and save you the money because it's probably gonna charge me just gonna cost them more to have you deliver it or meet them somewhere where you're gonna go and sit in a parking lot for 20 minutes until they feel like showing up and you definitely need to be paid for that time so in general I tell people you can pick it up but it's going to cost you more in gas and time and I can put it in the mail tomorrow and it's gonna cost you two dollars and sixty six seven and nine times out of ten they're like okay so they don't need to worry about it but if you're if you feel comfortable having people pick things up just make sure they're paying you in advance and that you are using the regular listing don't do a custom listing with no shipping on it because if they don't show up what are you supposed to do so make sure you're using the regular listing if they don't show up you can put it in the mail not worry about it but if you are leaving your home to go somewhere and meet someone or to deliver something you need to charge a delivery fee and often that's gonna be more than the shipping and they'll just say go ahead and ship it all right so post any comments give this video a thumbs up like my channel and if you want to sign up for notifications for when I go live on Tuesdays talking about Etsy and small business kind of topics hit the little bell and you'll get notifications for that I'll talk to you guys later

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  1. if I'm running a sale, can a customer stack the sale code plus a coupon I've sent to abandoned cart, plus a coupon I've sent to people who recently favorited?

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