What to put on your Etsy About page- Etsy shop tutorials

What to put on your Etsy About page- Etsy shop tutorials

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Your Etsy About page shouldn’t only be about you!

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hey everybody I have posted in my Facebook group asking for ideas for videos because I've kind of run out of ideas as he hasn't been doing anything new and exciting recently they've just been doing a lot of testing which they always do but there's nothing really major that's changed they're shifting things but it's it's bit by bit so anyway someone suggested and I'm just gonna go down a list cuz people give me a lot of really good suggestions and someone suggested doing something about the about page now I do have one video up about an about page but I wanted to show you my about page because I think that I kind of write everything the way that I explain it so it might make it more more sense if I go over this and before I get into it if you want to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel I really appreciate it and it does help me get my videos see more when more people give it a thumbs up and leave a comment afterwards so leave a comment if you have suggestions or you have ideas about your own about page and ways that you've done yours alright so let's get into this basically an about page should sell your products and you want you definitely want to use the little video slideshow they give you you know put some pictures up there if you have a video I have not done a video I'm bad but if you have a video you can put that in there but you definitely want to use the little slideshow just basically use every piece of real estate that Etsy gives you to sell things because it's all sales area now what you want to emphasize to people in your About section is not only about you you want to tell them what is your item going to do for them why should they buy from you instead of some other shop and the way to do that is to sell to them by telling them why they should buy from you and what your product is that's better but also giving your giving your credentials without having the whole thing to be about you and most people don't care you know they they want to know that you're experienced because that gives them the feeling that you're an authority and that you know what you're doing and they want to see that you're an established seller because that gives them more peace of mind from buying from if they've never heard of you before but when it comes right down to it they just want to know what is gonna be in it for them for buying from you as opposed to someone else so what I do is I start out and you can you you can use me my and I in the About section because it's about your shop in your process but it's really about the customer okay so just keep the customer in mind when you're writing this and try to make it less about yourself than about the customer you don't want to lead with I have loved making crafts my whole life you know you want to tell what is gonna be in it for them if they buy from you so let me help you decorate your next cake I didn't mean to do that let me help you decorate your next cake or make your next craft project easier and better okay that pretty much sums it up if you buy from me I'm gonna help you make your cake and craft project easier and better so I've already told the customer it's gonna be easier and it's gonna be better and those are two things that people are really concerned about in my market right so your customers might be concerned about something else but my customers are buying supplies from me and they're buying cake decorations from me in order to simplify a job that they have to do so I want to put that right up there out front and then I'm going to list what I had to sell and then I said they all combine to expand your options when it comes to dressing up a special occasion cake okay and then I say the molds can also be used for other things but this this first paragraph should be what your products will do for the customer this should not be a lead-in about you loving to make quilts from the time you were 10 years old and you learned from your grandmother put that in later but the first part should be about the customer anytime you have a chance to write words that will attract people to your shop you need to use that as a selling section so this is really a selling section okay then right here I put my credentials in I've opened I've owned a cake to remember custom wedding cake business since 1999 then I started doing supplies online then you have to disclose if you have a second empty shop you need to disclose that in your About section and that's part of that's these Terms of Service you have to tell people that you have another shop on Etsy all right so that's just important just put it in there and then you know that's a that's a little bit about me and then I say I also love helping other people learn to decorate cakes that will make their friends jealous now you might think that's a strange thing to say but if you think about it why why do you want to decorate a fancy cake it's not for your own personal pleasure it's to make someone else happy or in the case of a lot of mothers with small children who participate in competitive parenting and that's a thing and we all know it whether you want to admit it or not and when I say I want to help you make you know decorate a cake that are gonna make your friends jealous everybody knows what I'm talking about okay and this kind of says another thing is like if you buy from me then you're gonna make your friends jealous and honestly that's what motivates a lot of people so there you go and then I have my authority here again I've made thousands of cakes I really have and I am glad to help people figure out and because I've made that many cakes I can help you if you have questions for me so yeah that is a little piece of my authority there and that makes people feel more comfortable about buying from me that they know that they can come and you know get get information from me before they purchase something then here's a little bit more about my background then this paragraph is about what my products will do for people so it's kind of back and forth between me and the products me and the products you want to kind of weave your experience in with what the products are going to do for people and say because I have done this in my life I can do this for you okay and then I added this about the silicone molds because I do sell to a lot of people who are not making cakes and I never thought about that when I first started selling the molds but I realized if other people buy them and then I put say feel free to send me any questions you have about alternate uses for the molds and I want to make sure that people know they can ask me questions that reassures people and it lets them know that I'm open to helping them and answering questions for them which is you know it takes away one of the barriers to buying online if you can actually communicate with someone and then I send into my you channel where I have a lot of product demos and that again will build my authority if they go there and look at some product demos and see that I actually know how to decorate the cakes and it's it makes it easier for them to see am I gonna have trouble with this no look it's really easy I can see it on YouTube then I've got all my links here make sure that you put all your social media links in your About section I see a lot of people put this in their announcement which is now down at the bottom of the shop let me see did they move it all the way to the bottom I think it's under good listings so it's not really an announcement anymore I don't know why they moved it down here it's a silly place in my opinion but you know nobody asked me but make sure you put all your social media links here because that establishes your authority also and it tells people that you are legitimate and you're not gonna you know disappear tomorrow you have other places that you sell online and that kind of thing so just make sure that your About section is about the customer and not just about you anytime you have a place that you're going to be able to sell to a customer you should do it and this is a really good place to sell to a customer

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  1. Kara do you think many people actually read About pages? I know as a buyer I never do lol. I've still done a good About page, but I just wondered if you had an opinion on how much an About page helps your shop?

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