What you can do with Etsy search analytics, November 2018

What you can do with Etsy search analytics, November 2018

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Etsy search analytics is still in beta, and is pretty rough right now. The way they define “found in search” is iffy at best, so it’s missing a lot of SEO traffic data. There are a few things you can do with it at this point, but don’t make any enormous decisions or changes in your shop based on the numbers they’re reporting now!

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hey guys I've had a few requests to do some search analytics videos and right now they are so messed up and it's so inaccurate I wouldn't use this as any kind of data because I know for a fact that this is wrong and the way that they're defining found through search is very loose there was a search analytics Q&A in the forums and it said that if someone clicks on a listing if they search and they click on the listing and then they put it in their favorites and they come back three days later and click on it from the favorites that's not counted as is being found in search they count that as traffic from favorites so you have to take that into account this is not showing all your traffic but the interesting thing is that it does show you all these weird search terms so what you have to look for on these and there are a few things you can use this for at this point I would not make any decisions about any of the keywords I'm using from this data because it's just it's not accurate the the one thing I was looking at is like if you go through and you have a whole bunch of keywords that have a certain keyword in it and it says you only have one listing for that keyword maybe that's a good idea to add some more things to your shop for that if people are looking for this so for example if people are making zoo wedding cake toppers they might want to put some more listings up for that there's apparently a lot of demand for zoo items let me look on the next page over until they make this data searchable by this column for me it's not going to be that useful personally but you know well we'll have to wait until it's out of beta because it's just a mess right now but see how many things people are searching for zoo animal kind of themed stuff so you know that's the kind of information you can take from this and actually make it useful if you want to create more products based on that the one other thing you can do at this point which is you know not a whole lot look for weird keywords that you know I have nothing in my shop that has anything to do with this and first it's misspelled but they will correct that spelling it says that one of my listings came up so if you click on this it'll show which listing it is but see there it's not being shown for any any search terms so my guess is that this has been found through like you might also like or you know somebody had favorited it before and it's showing up on their page and they click on the page to this listing after they search for this I have no idea because it makes absolutely no sense but if you click on this it'll show you what the search results were for that and in this case it is correcting the spelling it's you know 121 results that actually do have this search term so if for some reason this was something that I could use in my shop which I can't but if this was something that I thought were terms that people could actually you know be searching for then I might consider putting those on some listings in my shop too so if you see things that you don't understand why you're being found for that it could just be that there's something else going on you're not really being found for that but you might consider putting these terms in listings that would make sense for that for me that doesn't make sense to put it in any of my listings but if you made jewelry maybe it would you know what I mean but I wouldn't put chrysler i'd put bracelet there just correcting that spelling the other thing that you can do again here's one that apparently someone is searching for the Etsy shop called Zuni yellow I have no idea what that is it says that two of my listings were found for that so I you know I checked on that and I think it's Etsy guides is my shop critique in the Etsy oh you know Etsy SEO so what they're doing is disregarding some of these terms so you might think oh well they're not showing you're not looking for these in in search that doesn't make any sense but if you look through they're basically showing results for something different so when you see something that's weird in there don't just assume that Etsy is doing something tricky with search and that they're getting rid of words you have to click through to this to see what's actually going on because a lot of the times the things that I've seen in here if you click through they're not showing the actual search that was typed in they're showing a different result so don't be confused by that make sure that you're clicking through to these to see what the actual situation is and you know if there is a keyword that you see popping up a lot and you don't have many listings with that in it then you might want to put those keywords in your listing I would ignore all of this honestly and this is just an average so don't worry about that because some people have been freaking out that they're found so low but this could mean that you have something in position one on the first page and a million things everywhere else it's just averaging out to that so don't worry about that so much all right leave any questions I'll answer them when I get a chance but as they improve this and as they get more functionality on it I will do more videos at this point don't make any changes to your shop based on any of this data because it's just not accurate all right I will talk to you guys later

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  2. for me it is also a mess example : under search query I have the search term "SPACE" it shows me as having only 2 listings , but I have 27 listings with both title and tags using the word "SPACE" also the 27 listings show up under promoted listings the only thing that I might use this for atm is if i see a search term that is producing a high conversion rate I may add this keyword to some items in my shop that are not moving so well to see if it produces a pop.

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