What you need to know about Shopify Dropshipping

What you need to know about Shopify Dropshipping

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What you need to know about Shopify Dropshipping

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hundreds of thousands of engagement millions of views and you know what's going on as we are here no thanks are you in knots I know that's it became like hey produce all right so I'm back to another video and in today's video we're gonna be talking about the exact steps that you need to pretty much follow to be successful when Shopify dropshipping okay because lately I've been seeing a bunch of people like I've been growing so a bunch of people have been sending me different questions and stuff like that so I just felt like I need to come on here and basically just tell you pretty much the exact steps that you need to focus on to become successful with Shopify dropshipping it's simple but it's not easy okay if people have those things mixed up together but ball go ahead and get into this video make sure you guys go ahead and slap the fat thumbs up subscribe you can do here turn on post notifications by clicking a bell next to the subscribe button so you do not miss another upload from me follow me on instagram is gonna be right here so you see what I'm doing when I'm not uploading YouTube videos and get motivated by my lifestyle now you know each video I go ahead and give away one of you lovely subscribers a winning product and winner from last video is all you have to do is go ahead and DM me that this is your YouTube channel and I'll go ahead and DM you that product now to be the winner next video all you have to do is like subscribe you posted up kitchens on drop or comment down below and follow me on Instagram I will be checking that either on four things and then you'll go ahead and win the product in the next video that could possibly change your life and if you're not getting my step-by-step drop shipping guide make sure you go ahead and check that out it'll be the link in description box down below still 35 dollars super affordable eliminates months and months of doing random research online and also you get data for marketing but anyways guys let's get straight into this video okay so what steps do you need to literally be successful with Shopify drop shipping I'll leave the very important key at the pretty much end but I've said this plenty of times but I feel like I gotta stress it one more time because people are sending me the craziest things online right now like I'm DM messages emails that it just makes anything like but you guys not paying attention to the videos that I'll be making or the video is there anybody else be making because it's like it's like you guys have to understand a certain a certain thing about dropship and it's literally all about the product we'll get into that in a bit now here's one thing that you need to understand you need to understand how to run Facebook Ads okay I spritely do Facebook ads so that's what I'm going to preach you can look into this event influences I've done that as well but I don't solely focus on Instagram influences I know a guy that I watched Justin painter is also a youtuber he focuses more on Instagram influences then pretty much anybody that I watched on YouTube and he also does YouTube influenced either end of course since I'm a guy but as far as Facebook ads go it's not as complicated as you may think okay first thing you need to understand is how to you know what you don't even need to understand how to market really because I've seen the simplest of ads and the ugliest of video on creatives or picture creatives get hundreds of thousands of engagement millions of views why because the product okay because the pride did all the talking literally the price ends over 90% of why you'll be successful but what job should be if you want me to be very honest with you the product is why ok so once you just know how to it I'm saying create a video ad or just post a picture of that product and then in your ad copy you can literally write something as simple as check this out with the link get yours here with the link if you want to go into like the deepness of marketing and hitting people with emotion of course you can write a couple of things that hit them emotionally but that is not like compulsion it is not 100% necessary of like selling and making money with Shopify dropship it really is it to be quite honest it really does not the product is the main key here when it comes to Shopify drop shipping and that's just my opinion my very strong opinion based off what I have done what I've seen work and just everything in general I've been doing this for over a year now consistently and I can tell you that literally the product is key so once you just know how to post a video or picture ad and write a caption something that obviously makes sense don't go sell it a candle and right in your own caption your ad copy get this water bottle for 60% off no that just it just doesn't make sense so as long as it makes some kind of sense the product will do the rest of the work okay now how do I test with Facebook ads after the creative and the ad copies have been made what I'll do is I'll create a campaign test in Ted interest okay in ten different accents so you create a campaign optimized for conversions purchase conversions right off the beginning on a fresh pixel brush everything brand new an account I will always optimize for purchase right away okay now what do you do after you hope to start that campaign you open ten Adsense ok there'll be ten access within that one campaign and what you do is in each and every single ad set you will test something that you know makes sense to the product so this selling you know I'm saying this candle obviously your target candle in one accent and another ad set you would target something that can't go lover's life well let's not use candle because it's kind of a hard thing to target you understand what I'm saying so now let's say we're doing a dog seat belt and I'm saying obviously first accent you would test dogs second ad set you would test Pet Smart dirt ad set you would test Petco and you just keep going and doing you can do dog breeds like you know I'm saying German Shepherd so literally you would test ten interests in ten different ad sets within one purchase campaign literally run that let that run for a couple of days depending on the price of your product if your product is $34 I'll suggest starting out with ten dollars per ad set because your consular purchase could be let's say around even twelve to fifteen dollars so with that being said if your console purchase is ten to fifteen dollars if your product is good you should get sales by the second day for sure of running ads literally it's not that's not as complicated as you think okay if you don't have sales by the time you spent quite a bit of money per ad set I usually stop at twenty dollars because I mean tests things that are too expensive so if I'm doing something that's forty dollars and I've spent $20 on a single interest on a single absent man who doesn't have a cell well it's a goner turn it off and if I come to find out that I've spent $200 and none of the ad sets have more than two sales by the time it's spent you know $20 depending on the price of my product I'll just kill the whole product because it means no one really likes the product but let's say out of all the ten Adsense that I do create within that one purchase campaign optimize it for purchase only let's say three have profitable sales and seven don't well this it tells me that this product has potential then what's next I'll literally go ahead and kill up all the seven assets that have no sales and then I would duplicate the other three that have sales and just raise the budget on that that should usually work if that doesn't work then I'll try scaling horizontally duplicating them a few times each at the same ten dollar budget now while I'm doing this I'm creating seven new interest in a similar to the three that are working just to see if I can find any other interest that will work you want to do this and keep doing this even when you're scaling in the scaling you always want to test code interest okay that's literally it by the time you're doing that area never repeating this method of creating new interest scaling the ones that are working literally you'd be able to reach over a thousand dollars a day doing this if your product is working and then if you need help scale it and doing look-alike audiences and all these other crazy things that you can do using the breakdown tapping all that then feel free to reach out to someone that knows what they're talking about or feel free to go on YouTube and try to run it yes that will say but I'm telling you right now if you have a really good product on the first day of running ads to the inch to an interest that makes sense for that product first second date you will get sales most likely you will be profitable you know I'm saying if you just have a banger product now let's talk about the elephant in the room here product okay a lot of the price that you have been sending me to test I just look at it and like I'm in shock because it's like whatever I reveal applied that I've done that that has worked for me and explain why it works for me most of the time I don't see I own the products that a lot of that I get set to me I just seen literally the the most non Wow product doesn't solve a problem doesn't have no passionate audience doesn't make anyone feel good about themselves I just see products I see literally regular keychains and stuff like that and then you guys test them and wonder why it doesn't work and trust me I love you guys so much but I'm just going to keep it real with you okay spend time on product research its quality over quantity you don't want to go out testing 50 products that are just simple keychains just because oh it's a product let me go ahead and test it and see what happens no no that's now how it works you want to make sure you're testing products that have that wow factor every single product that you test has to have a WOW factor it has to stand out in someone's time line that's how you're gonna get cheap cost per clicks and cost per thousand impressions that's how you're gonna do it by having a factor within your arm add creative if your product is really that Wow you will get cheap constant clicks you understand what I'm saying so that's the first thing first have a product that has that wow factor okay let it make people stop you need a scroll stop you need a product that people have never seen before you notice now I'm saying I always say if you're the first to find something this really dope you're gonna you're gonna soar you're gonna go crazy with it bastions facts so try to find things that people haven't seen before has that wow factor either solves a pain point a problem or just makes people feel emotional about something if they love tennis make sure it has a WOW factor make sure it's a tennis front that I've never seen before that makes them feel good about their game you understand what I'm saying you need to find products that make sense don't just test anything that's why I'm bringing you guys this video really to really just stress that out to you guys yelling at you guys if I need to because I get so many thong messages of the day of products that literally are this plain keychain and it's kind of crazy it's like would you so you need to be finding products that make complete sense I don't care if you want I don't care if it takes you a whole month of product research how badly you do a whole month of product research then come to me or anybody else with products that literally are you can find everywhere Walmart go to the dollar store and buy it has no wow factor everyone knows what that product is already and then you're asking me why is my CPM twenty dollars well because they don't care about that they don't mean I'm saying literally go back on this channel and watch videos of me telling it's showing any time I've showed you guys the part doesn't work for me and explain wise work to me really think of why the products work to me really think of why they did and then try to always hit those criterias when you're trying to researching and then if you test that product that has all those criterias and you test the right interest that makes sense for that part and it doesn't work that's okay sometimes people may engage with your stuff but it just won't work but at least you went all in at least everything made sense and maybe people just don't care for the front but it was still a WOW factor it still met all the criteria I'd rather that then you come into me with you I'm showing your ad account of you testing this keychain you do understand I'm saying so make sure you guys are doing extensive product research quality over quantity running the ads that's a little more easy than you think than you're thinking because it's literally all in the product skelet is not as hard as you think when you have a really good part if you have a trust me I'm telling you right now no cat I am not tapping when I say you actually see success you may think oh I do have a really nice body but think about it does your product look like this keychain but as you're trying to actually look really good and crazy does it make sense ask yourself that question ask yourself that question and if your product doesn't make sense that you have right now make sure you're literally doing your research make sure you're spending time weeks if you have to spend them up looking for really good products do it there's so many products on Aliexpress so many products on Aliexpress mats so many the in there million dollar month products half a million dollar month products thirty thousand dollar month products $50,000 more products or not they're all Aliexpress you just literally gotta find them and not test this key chain I thought beef with this key chain now you feel me so that's just this quick little video it's a little rant but I just want to go ahead and clarify this product is king okay product is literally king so if you take anything from this video is make sure it hits every criteria wow-factor has a passionate audience or solves a problem or all three you understand what I'm saying quality tested over quantity testing but anyways guys that's it with this video hope you guys got some value from that slap a like subscribe comment follow me on Instagram if you want daddy and I'm saying to win the pipe in the next video and I'll catch you guys later man I promise you got this find that banger and you got this

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  1. I like your videos and you really seem legit, just hate seeing you promote Justin Painter, that guy literally busted himself in one of his videos when he was claiming he made huge profit on 2 big influencers and then showed a shopify screenshot, where anyone with half a brain could see it wasn't at all like he was claiming and he actually lost money with those influencers (and all that is just based on the info that he gave himself)… Faking results just to get noobs buy his shit, and sadly many do

  2. I’m a 25 year old mma fighter I started my store 2 weeks ago to help fund my training camps and found you on here 5 days ago! Love all the content. Would love a winning product! My next fight is oct 5th so I need to secure the bag

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