What's inside a Yeti Cup?

What's inside a Yeti Cup?

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Is the YETI cup worth the money?!?! We HEAT tested to find out, then we CUT it in HALF to see the inside!!!

This is episode 3rd episode of “MUG WEEK”

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This was a great experiment that convinced us that the YETI is worth the money for keeping drinks the temperature they were meant to be. This was an independent review and we were not sponsored by any companies for this video.

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right away well Mike what's inside I think this is Dan and today we're gonna set off from some Yeti cups what week is this Lincoln look bug week and this is the end of muck week huh we probably could find a lot more cups in lives but two out of the three of these are the most requested mugs that we've had the self stirring cup was something that nobody requested we just saw them looking find it look awesome but what's funny is we went on to Amazon and we typed in Yeti cup and I thought that I bought an actual Yeti cup turns out I got this instead Arctic they look the same so what we did is about an hour ago we hurried and got in the car and drove to one of our local stores and they had an entire rack full of different sizes of Yeti cups so we picked out the 20 ounce and the grittiness keeps your drink as cold as science on my houses what this one says this one makes some pretty strong claims on it they both say they're 18 by 8 stainless steel construction they've all say no sweat exterior so this is kind of a knockoff I'm guessing we're gonna do a little science experiment for fun before we cut it up going to see what's inside because these things are supposed to be so so good you put it in your truck you're out working all day it's hot in the summertime you're ice-cold soda is gonna stay ice-cold for the entire day apparently so yeah this is the muggy muggy billable cut many people call it let me put it down and the only thing and you lift it up and then I picked up the cheapest one that I could find at the local store this one was like $8.00 16 ounce 16 ounce 20 ounce and then these two are the 30 answers we put ice cold water and all five of these and then we're going to stick it in the oven and test the temperatures and see so during that whole time I fill up four of them with five things of ice and Lincoln hasn't even just emptying and out of the only women who work done way to go Lincoln nice job and I count each one of them has water in it yes the 30 ouncers don't have that much in it but it's the same amount as these mugs let's throw on the same 43 and 6 what about this guy so they're all around the same don't try this at home this could be super dangerous I don't know I'm telling them I'm gonna have to do it at home don't tell them it's gonna be awesome because then they want to do it but it's dangerous you could burn your house down you really could let the competition begin yes 325 degrees 20 minute torture test convection bake which mug is going to survive for about 4 minutes into this test and I don't smell any plastic burning and melting that's good okay we got a problem the unscalable mug just fell over out of all of Uggs Oh oh boy oh boy oh boy Oh okay unappealable life decides plastic so it's just totally melting at the bottom Oh touch it what are you thinking let's test it out a lot of the water knoxville dumps it warmed up to 59 or 15 degrees celsius so it definitely got warmer the lid for the arctic check it out it sunk it melted and sunk down into it the two yetis are still pretty good on there i don't know if it's a knockoff worth less quality I do find it interesting that the actual plastic lid melted and drop down in it before either of the two yetis we only went 20 minutes but I think at the end or 25 degrees convection bake this is a good enough gauge Lincoln kids don't follow Lincoln's example the Arctic fell down in it and it probably stopped it from melting it just warped it this is the Eddy whoa that is impressive I can see four ice cubes and one piece of a fifth and the water is at 39 degrees or 3 degrees Celsius does the Yeti cooler work look at that 16-ounce compared to the 60 notes three degrees on that one Celsius this one instantly jumps 13 14 15 16 a big Yeti under 40 39 which is 4 degrees Celsius ace all right this is the true test the Arctic where we lost the plastic top that comes up on Amazon and type in Yeti 9 degrees Celsius 48 degrees what did we learn today but Yeti cups are very good actually wonderful they do their job even though yeah this thing fell in it and that's what made it hotter possibly these ones were in the same temperature space and it didn't fall in I don't know I'm a believer I'm a believer of the yetis right I like the eggs I didn't like them before because there's so much money and I felt like it might be a false claim but after our little not very scientific test waiver but let's cut them open now and see what the inside looks like we got the bottom off now that I look at it probably should have been that difficult and it looks like somebody took a sharpie and rode on it yeah I think people do quality control at different steps of the manufacturing process wrote I fixed it yeah I think the hatchet can do it but this is some tough metal so back at it hatchet just made a noise like some gas came out of it this thing is tough it's bulletproof actually I bet it would be bulletproof I know with a hatchet a million times we got barely through the outer layer we still haven't punctured the inside like if I put water in here it's still just staying there so we're gonna upgrade our saw here and give it another go with something else a little bit stronger didn't want to have to break out that song but the Yeti for the layers so there's a thick layer of metal air in between made that loud hissing noise once I hit the right spot the hatchet and then the very bottom of it it has a lot of space in the bottom that's it well built for us to drink ice-cold beverages man if I wanted to keep my dream cold and as long as we're hot hopefully get the Yeti cup rather than just like a really cheap cup that doesn't do its job very well playing with all three of these cups if you haven't watched all three of our Cup videos that we posted this week go watch out it was a ton of fun but man this thing is hard to get into I would recommend that you cut these things open thanks again guys let us know what helps you'd like us to see what's inside and what else you'd like us to cut open and we will continue to do the things that you guys want us to do

38 thoughts on “What's inside a Yeti Cup?

  1. First off, this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen! Reckless behavior with your kid is unacceptable! Using a hatchet to try to cut into the cup proves you know nothing about safety! Social services needs to pay you a visit because you are right at the edge of child endangerment!

  2. I agree with the guy down below its never 325 degrees I use RTIC's and they are great for $11 when I got them on Amazon 30oz do the same test at about 100 degrees or so and both cold and hot drinks and cut both in half to show difference. another thing you don't need Ice just fill both with the same degree of drink for the same period of time. we all know they hold ice for close to 20 hours.

  3. Ah, the rich. . .. "18 by 8." That would be "eighteen eight" sir. And here's some science. . . this just in: If you drop an ice cube into water, the water will become colder. If you drop a 350 degree sinker into water, the water will become warmer. Can't change that. It wasn't the ambient as much as the 350 degree sinker. When the video claimed to cut them open, the LAST thing I thought you'd use was an axe. Why? The chop saw (wrong blade, BTW) didn't cut cleanly. I wonder why. Final comment–the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When you get some time, teach Junior not to touch objects that just came out of the oven. Explain why. Utilize some assessment tool to check his knowledge when the test is complete. If the behavior continues, send him to a therapist. Sometimes kids act out to seem ostensibly dumb, when in reality, they want to take an axe to their own head.

  4. The most ridiculous test ever, glad I skipped through. A good vacuum sealed mug is a good vacuum sealed mug. These fail for me due to the outrageous cost and the fact that I can't throw one in my bag and be sure the top won't come off. Get a stainless vacuum bubba screw top for $10. I have some that are 6-7 years old.

  5. Finally found you guys!!!!!! New subscriber!!!! lol can’t wait to show my daughter these videos! & my mother! Lol I live curiously through you guys! Hahaha 😉☺️😍🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

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