When should you add holiday listings to your Etsy shop?

When should you add holiday listings to your Etsy shop?

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When you should add holiday listings to your shop is pretty easy to figure out if you use google trends to see when people start searching for specific keywords!

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hey guys today I'm gonna be talking about when you should be planning for holiday shopping or just holidays in general because all holidays happen all year round right but if we're trying to plan our holiday collections or when we should list our stuff that it's gonna be sold for Christmas gifts and that kind of thing you need to kind of know when that's being searched and when people are starting to look so what I do is I go to Google Trends because that takes just basically it like everything that's searched on google and puts it together and tells you when things are increasing search wise so go to trends google.com okay excuse me and you can type in for example Christmas gift all right now what you have to be careful of like if I typed in Christmas that could be something that people search for year-round you need to be specific because if you're searching for like Halloween then you're gonna find questions about Halloween or you know what is Halloween when does Halloween happen so if you're searching for Halloween decorations that's that's a little more specific so make sure that you're searching for something that people would be searching when they're buying okay so instead of searching for Christmas I'm just searching for Christmas gifts now this shows you when searches on Google start to increase and it actually starts right around the end of August like mid to the end of August and then it gets a little bit more busy in September so people are searching for Christmas gifts in August and September and then it really starts to heat up in October and by the length the beginning of November at the end of October it's really getting a lot more and then obviously it drops right after Christmas so if you're selling things that could be used as Christmas gifts and you're gonna put that in your title and tags you need to put that in your listings now and it's the kind of thing where if you've got four months let's see it gives you four months to list something so you count backwards from December so it would be December November October or September so maybe at the end of August you should have your Christmas items listed and tagged that way now well we're also going to see let me do go back up here and say Halloween decorations okay because people have people get mad when you're like you need to list Halloween now but look what happens okay so July 15th people are already searching for Halloween decorations now when google says a hundred that means the most popular so that's that's when there are the most searches it doesn't mean that there's a hundred searches that's like when there are the most searches and that would be the end of September beginning of October but starting like in July it I think it actually started at the end of June it starts to increase so you really need to have those things listed now so when you see the decorations in the stores and you get mad because they're already advertising Christmas that they're already advertising Halloween that's because they know that people are shopping for that stuff now but don't get mad just go into your shop and list your items let's look for a Mother's Day let's look for Valentine's because that's another holiday list how would people saw that Valentine's gift okay and see this makes sense because toward the end of December beginning of January that starts to really increase and it Peaks let's see if we get it to show us it Peaks right on Valentine's Day which makes total sense because people panic and go out and start searching for Valentine's gifts right before the date because they don't plan ahead so this is the kind of thing where you can see like by when when do you need to list this stuff when do you need to have it up to take full advantage of the amount of searches that are going to happen and I believe that you can you can do this for different countries but if most of your customers are in the u.s. that's that's going to show you and just be aware that if you're the kind of person who gets mad when they start advertising holidays way in advance there's a reason for that so if you want to take advantage of it then you need to do it too all right so give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I will talk to you later or leave a comment or a question if you have any and join my facebook group that is linked in the description if you want to ask me questions directly

3 thoughts on “When should you add holiday listings to your Etsy shop?

  1. Thanks for the info. Do you think it's worth updating tags/titles and renewing listings to take advantage of holiday run-ups for items like jewelry that could be gifts for any occasion?

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