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Market Review Time!

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hey folks today is Saturday July 27th 408 p.m. my name is James and let's take a look and see what happened last week and then what we might be at this week so we're getting some pretty good action actually the S&P one point broke through the descent in lower attending line of the channel but then it rebounded right back up so this consolidation was kind of I couldn't really tell what was going on but then we just got caught back up earnings is helping a lot so we're just really getting some nice action though now as that looks the same except it's still within a channel and it's now approaching the upper line that's pretty good it'd be nice if it would actually break that maybe that upper line could become support if we break over and then just kind of work our way higher that'd be cool the Russell is trying to break over that level I drew that line I think sometime last week popped over sold back down pop back over there's another stock doing the same thing this is an index but there's a stocker and the same thing it's quick so I'll show that to you and then the Dow is actually just consolidating there so everything looks pretty good right now I think some of it is earnings excuse me some of it is into the anticipation of the rate cut they were saying oh it CNBC that it's common trend for the index to rally into the first rate cut after a period of interest hikes interest rate hikes so that'd be great if we rally into it and rally through it that'd be fantastic so yeah let's go into the list everything looks really good on the indexes right now so in the list wicks is doing kind of the same thing that the Russell's doing broke over on earnings sold back below and then trying to break out again I bought into wicks and I got stopped out and I bought back on Friday when it tempted to go over I still think that wicks is actually going to go higher I'm just struggling at that level hopefully it takes off this week though that sort of open that maybe whatever selling is sitting there was taking care of on Thursday and then there's just a little bit more than Friday that sent it back under not all the way not very far endure and then hopefully it takes up again this week zoom I also bought last week I liked the action that took it out of that triangle the turnings were already in June so that's not coming up – you know interfere with any moves or anything so hopefully that one keeps going it broke out nicely on volume and held out held outside the pattern so hopefully that keeps going Twilio is threatening to break out here its earnings of July 31st so that's Wednesday after the close probably wouldn't buy it before then I would hope that it stays in the pattern that told the earnings come out and then the earnings send it out same thing with Shopify earnings are August first it's still being held down by that line and I'm hoping that it actually it's sold down a bit further it's like right at the line it's gonna be hard to buy that if the earnings are good and it'll just gap up huge you have to basically buy it after hours Etsy its earnings are also August 1st it's right at the line again I wouldn't buy that now it's so close to the earnings I would almost rather it would have stayed down here before it you know challenged the line but it actually could break out you could take it maybe Monday if it actually breaks out because you get all of Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday before their owners come up after the clothes on the first that's Thursday but I would not I never hold anything over earnings I don't recommend it if there's any part of the stock market that is a lottery it is earnings because you never know what's going to happen so yeah you might be able to buy it on Monday if it breaks out it has good volume you'd still get four days of movement and then get out before their knees come off MDB I'm drawing a new triangle here that actually looks pretty good to me it's earnings our September the fourth so it's got lots of time to kind of build this thing out before and even if it breaks out before then you can still buy it have plenty of time before those RNAs would come out carvanha earnings August 7th it's got this little channel kind of pattern I had a triangle drawn but it came out of that and now it's kind of pausing at this level so I think this level is much more significant based on the way it's moving over here so give that more time again Ernie's on August 7th so you might not get a lot of time to actually be in it trade this fantastic move I was in another stock so I couldn't get this one I think I was looking at it earlier I can't remember exactly what happened but yeah if you got in right there when it broke out cross-selling fantastic move that looks fantastic earnings are August 8th maybe we'll get a small consolidation before those and that'd be another little entry you did jump off Churchill Downs moves really really great I think that was Wednesday Thursday Friday it's holding that line even though it came back so as long as your stop is like about two bucks below that you know just hang on and see what it does it still looks ok to me doc you had a nice break out sent right back in and then busted out again that's really choppy I mean if you bought in there got stopped over that move you could have bought back in that's what I did with wicks I know there's a resistance point there same thing with this there is a resistance line there so if it's going to challenge it again that's an opportunity to buy back in if you got knocked out it's tough because you got to pay you know you got to lose some to get stopped out you got to pay your commission and then it's got to go again but that's Trading JD was sent back below the line mm-hmm probably needs a bit more time I keep it in a little longer a suit it does same thing with Zillow there was this day where it kind of came out and I was sent right back in and now it's just kind of going sideways I'm not sure that line is even valid anymore it's probably better to get rid of this line and just keep that one and as it keeps building its way across we'll figure out where that resistance point is so right now I put it right there still about the 50 area looks like they can break over that keep going what average earnings August seventh so that's coming up maybe the earnings are gonna take it over so ever so it looks good the entry was down here yep it's holding that area it actually looked like it was any gain I think about three dollars on Friday but then it backed off a little bit but yeah it still looks pretty good earnings would be August 6th so still got plenty time before that happens everything looks pretty good for me I'm in wicks and I'm a ZEM or zoom hoping they move for me I want to show you one other one because I totally missed this one beyond meat I had this triangle well last week of the week before before it broke out but look at the other side of that move it's a good $60 move or something it's crazy 172 up to more we're close to 34 just in saying I think it's just nuts probably it's probably gonna start consolidating again you could see a lot of selling came in it'll probably start moving sideways or slightly downward even if that moment was gonna Kenyon continue there's probably gonna be a flag or some symmetrical triangle forming though so yeah that's it I'll see you next time

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