You Must Have This to Make Sales on Etsy

You Must Have This to Make Sales on Etsy

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💰 You Must Have This to Make Sales on Etsy 💰

All Etsy sellers make these same mistakes right off the bat…and guess what? They clog up sales in a BIG way. See if you’re guilty in this video.

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for today's six minute makeover we're gonna look at a brand new shop on etsy called lifestyle habits our seller has come to me because she doesn't understand how to make consistent sales on etsy she's saying that SEO isn't working for her anymore and she's not seeing any results so let's dive in and get started I see this all the time in new shops where people just add a few things they're basically testing the water to see if Etsy will work for them but the reality is that seven items are nearly impossible to find on Etsy even if you were a Google mastermind and you knew all things SEO all the time the likelihood that you could make regular sales with only seven items is small not to mention when a customer comes to your shop and sees this they think oh well she's not taking her shop seriously she doesn't have a lot of options I don't understand what's going on here and when I look at something on Etsy I click into the shop because I want a variation on that thing so when I'm in your shop I'm here looking for different variations now the other thing I often see with new shops is using the same photos or mock-ups over and over and over again so these mock-ups are absolutely beautiful and I agree that she should be using some of them but when you repeat your stuff like this there's no difference to the customer between these items so I don't know just by looking at this what the differences are between these menu plans and these weight loss kits they basically look like maybe they're different colors I don't know they could be different sizes and the titles aren't helping me to figure out what the difference is because they're pretty similar if not identical when you're using terms that are this close you're really not getting the benefit of using varied SEO by naming your items the same thing over and over and over again you're actually severely limiting your traffic because only people who are searching for those words or combination of words are ever gonna find your shop when you have items that look this similar using the title to designate the difference for customer can be a big help in terms of what they click on so one of the things you can do if you have a brand new shop and you're trying to figure out what you should be doing is find some top sellers on Etsy and compare yourself to them to see what they're doing so let's compare her to some top planner sellers so we can see what things she can adjust now to make sales more rapidly this shop is planning inspired it has over 29,000 sales if we scroll down we'll notice she has a hundred and seventy six items quite a bit more than our current seller and you'll notice that she's naming her items very differently not to mention all of her covers are different and clearly designate why things are different so this is really helping me look through this shop let's take a look at another one we have 13,000 sales right here this shop owner has 268 items and she's doing all kinds of templates digital stuff and other forms of planners and once again the images are different the titles are different and it's pretty straightforward in terms of telling what's going on here one of the things I've noticed in this kind of shop is when I'm looking at this listing I can read what's going on here and I can kind of see what's happening on each page whereas if we look at her shop I'm not entirely clear what's happening on some of these smaller pages so maybe just having a bigger template so that when people are searching for an item they can clearly tell what it is this is a great opportunity to test your photos there are tools like what if I that will actually take the first two photos of your Etsy items and pit them against each other to see which one sells better so if you have the same template over and over again and you want to try different sizes or different text on them use a program like what if I to test your photos and see if that makes a difference in sales now let's keep looking at some big sellers here we've got a planner seller that's making almost 18,000 sales and once again the image is larger the titles are pretty varied and we've got 180 items here so it seems clear that there's a pattern into of why she's not getting sales versus other people who are the number one most obvious pattern is number of items there's nothing that SEO will do to fix a lack of items a big part of SEO is having enough items to get found on Etsy when you search planner on etsy there are over half a million results so having very few items means you're literally a needle in a haystack nobody's gonna find seven items in a pool of half a million now this niche is pretty small and that means if you create a lot of items you can really dominate on Etsy a large niche is a million or more so creating tons of items means you could get your items on the first page of search just by fact that you have lots of items since this is a digital storefront creating lots of items is something that can easily be done so there's really no reason to have an empty digital shop so that's our six minute makeover for today thanks so much to our shop owner for participating and don't forget to check below the video for any resources or tricks that I mention in this video

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