You MUST NOT set up the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee

You MUST NOT set up the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee

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Day 4 since Etsy announced their Free shipping Guarantee for US Buyers. And I did it, I pressed the button to set up free shipping guarantee, but should I have, should I set up free shipping in my Etsy shop? Will this effect my other customers? is it even legal? Can I switch it off?

oh I've got the button on it see for the guaranteed free shipping for items over $35 in the US should I press it now if you don't know what I'm talking about I'm talking about this bombshell that eetzi dropped on Tuesday about offering free shipping for items over to $35 to the US will have priority placement in search I've been making videos about everything I've learnt about this from the start so if you haven't already click here to get to the start of the play at playlist even if you're not interested you can watch the progress of my sleep deprivation over these past four days but today let's have a look at what happens if you hit this button let's see how it is to set it up because I know if you're like me you're curious you want to see what happens when you hit the button but you're not sure you want to hit the button and then let's talk about if we want to hit this button so this button is actually a great big stonking banner right in the middle of my dashboard and there's no way to turn this off just now this is gonna be here for the duration until Etsy decide that we've got the message which I won't like it's kind of blatant annoying however I get it they want to make sure that as many sellers as possible have the chance to see this and not only is it on the dashboard but it's also in your listings section of your dashboard so double chance to see it have double chance to get annoyed by that stinking great big button so let's hit the button and see what happens so the first thing it's telling us help boost sales by getting priority placement yeah they're really pushing this boost sales angle but they will gauge us through setting this up that's nice and it's saying first we'll turn on shop wide u.s. fleet free delivery and then next adjust our item price to recover a postage although this is optional okay that's it next and so they explain what is gonna happen when we agree to this so all items $35 and above will deliver free to us buyers all orders that total $35 of will deliver free and all other listings if they're not above $35 or they're not selling to a u.s. buyer they remain exactly unchanged check the box okay oh nice work you set us free delivery guarantee and if we scroll down to the bottom immediately on this page that they're saying you set up the guarantee they're giving you the button to deselect it to unset up the guarantee so that's handy and when we go back to the dashboard we see that the banner is gone so that's good but now should I have set it this up let's think about this well first thing against setting this up is easier saying hold tight they're rolling out tools and suchlike now I know people are getting annoyed at this they're saying they shouldn't make an announcement without everything being in place but I sort of get it is how are you supposed to roll out these kind of things now the change is happening at the end of the month this priority placement in search that's going to be at the end of the month so they needed to have things in place before the end of the month they needed to better explain it to us before the end of the month and they needed to make sure that when they made the change not everything was going to immediately crash which also might have happened if they made the change all in one go and everyone was diving to make changes all in that same like first few hours so they're explaining what's gonna happen in plenty of time answering questions they're probably gonna have some articles released more videos and finishing rolling out the tools because at the minute they're just rolling out not everybody has the big blue button to set up the guarantee but also I've not heard of anyone having the fancy tool yet to adjust their prices based on the shipping and they've said they're doing a live video on this next week so the tools aren't all in place yet so although they're rolling out the tools they're saying don't touch them yet and although the Q&A session is finished I'll link to it again down in the comments this was only gonna be open for two days they said this at the start this is than they do this is not I know people are getting angry going they've shut off the QA this is what they do they open a question and answer for two days and then they work through the rest of the questions so they're still answering some of the questions you can't ask any more questions but you can certainly go on there read the answers and I believe you can still like some of the questions so if something you think is really relevant if you think someone's asked a great question then uptick it and then what will probably happen is each you might end up doing a podcast or an article on these questions to clarify even better because just now these are just quick answers they're covering they're gonna look at all the questions go away and hopefully think about some of the biggest things that they maybe hadn't thought of before hopefully this legal stuff and they might get back to us with more in-depth answers so another good reason to hold tight they haven't finished answering their questions yet another thing to be considering if I put my prices up just now to cover this u.s. free shipping then everybody else is having to pay this extra so I would either have to do free shipping across the board or my national and the rest of the world customers are paying extra for the u.s. to get free shipping that doesn't seem right and I'm hearing from plenty of people in America even if you only sell in the US you don't sell internationally prices to ship from one area in the country to another is completely different so how do you decide how much to put your prices up pay and not only that one thing that nobody's mentioning so far this is across the entirety of the US so if you're in America the free shipping has to apply to the whole of America this includes Alaska and Hawaii which the shipping prices might be quite a bit different for you now eetzi have said they're working on tools for later in the year to deal with especially international shippers with different prices of shipping to different countries and hopefully for Americans with different prices to vary different locations that are still us so another good reason to hang tight is there still more tools coming out and they're not going to be out in time for the end of the month another thing is if I've put my prices up to cover the shipping and then a customer orders more than one item now I have listings that are for two items three items four items etc but customers don't always search through a shop and they might just buy two of one item or two different single items now if my shipping is combined if my if my prices have increased to cover the shipping and someone buys two items they're getting sure they're getting charged double for shipping whereas without doing this guarantee I can have a price set for shipping if someone buys a second item so my customers aren't being charged twice for shipping and also although items under $35 are not included in this free shipping thing so you think well I can leave these if someone buys a couple of these if someone buys a couple of the cheaper listings and it adds up to more than the $35 then they're getting free shipping so I'm gonna have to factor in I would have to add a little bit more to my cheaper listings to cover the fact that they might be included in the free shipping which of course also means that people buying just one of these cheaper items are getting charged more than they should be so my first thought was well if I'm putting up the prices anyway to cover this then I would need to set up free shipping across everything across my cheaper items and across my items to the rest of the world however there's a potential problem with the legality of that as well if you haven't already check out yesterday's video and you'll see that and for the Americans who are thinking you're getting away with that actually since yesterday I've learned some more hence way lack of sleep but equally an American law this could not be illegal either could not be legal not could not be illegal in this document it's saying if something is said to be free thing customers have the right to have the expectation that there hasn't been an inflation and price to cover the freeness so you can't have buy-one-get-one-free and then put up the price of the item so this is the same if we're saying free shipping then we can't put up the price now although easier saying this is to be competitive to be like Amazon which I don't think heat sea has to compete with Amazon the handmade eetzi is leagues ahead just now for handmade however when Amazon say free shipping it really is because an Amazon Prime member has paid or got a deal but they're in a different league to get to be an Amazon Prime member and if you buy something as an Amazon Prime member that has free shipping you pay the same price for the item as a non Prime member and that non Prime member has to pay shipping as well therefore when I wasn't saying it's free shipping it is free shipping each see that's not gonna be the case okay not everyone's gonna put up their prices to cover the shipping but yeah then they're gonna be losing money and so far when asked about this in the Q&A eetzi is basically saying that it's up to the individual to decide if adding free shipping is something that's good for their shop and it's up to the individual to comply with the various laws in their country so for me that's not good enough answers for me to decide to make this decision I want to hear from someone legal if what I'm doing is the right thing so cane of another good reason to hold off until I hear more so this whole thing is kind of fuzzy and a little bit worrying just now I think I don't want to have this guarantee turned on immediately how do I go and turn it off so if you've pushed this button in you're regretting it from your dashboard go into settings and then delivery settings and if we scroll down to the bottom there is the button that says to switch off this guarantee oh and they're still throwing in the hard sell telling us we won't get priority placement and it could decrease our sales sorry eat see I'm taking that chance because it's way better than ending up in jail so that's me back and oh the banners back on the dashboard well I hope this has helped you at least satisfy your curiosity what happens when you click the button how to click out if you have clicked the button and some ideas to consider now if you decide to go ahead to a three shipping awesome and if you decide not to again awesome we have to make the decisions for ourselves I'm gonna be continuing reading up on every single little thing I can on this just to remind there Sunday at 4 p.m. UK time I'll have my regular live stream and I'm happy to take any questions on this either drop them in the comments below of this video or come along wave on Sunday and I will attempt to answer all your questions and we can have a chat about this please remember I'm not in any way a legal expert and I also don't work for eat see I'm just someone who's been selling for nearly 11 years now and I'm just trying to figure this out as much as you and share with you any information that I'm finding and don't forget if you want to keep informed click on my face to subscribe hit the bell so you're notified of any new findings that I put up in video check out the playlist in the cards if you missed any of my videos on this object and don't panic thank you so much

20 thoughts on “You MUST NOT set up the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights! I called the Federal Trade Commission in the US about it the other day and they said we (sellers) can make an official complaint to them via their website if we want. I posted the details in the Etsy Forum Q & A. They don't deal with individual complaints but if they receive complaints on the same issue raised by many sellers they may look into it. I've started working on my response and will send it to them next week…I'm just giving myself some time to absorb all the info so I fully understand it. I think Etsy needs to be held mpre accountable. I don't think they have fully thought through all the issues this raises.

  2. If you live in the midwest, shipping to California costs a lot more than shipping to Wisconsin. Offering free shipping means "rolling" the California cost, which would discourage buyers from Wisconsin. Free shipping only makes sense if the item is lightweight, or if you can ship the item in a flat rate priority box.

  3. After reading this law I don't see anywhere that is is referring to or saying that you can not increase your item price to cover shipping , What you factor in to the price or cost of the item varies, it is talking about offers of free items in sales promotions . IF the price increase is set and not changing then it does not fall under this as it is the price for the customer if they buy one and then pay for shipping and it is the price if they by 2 or more so it is over $35 and not pay for shipping . There is no deception there . What the law is saying looks completely different to me it has nothing to do with shipping it is on product , or say pay for one meal and get another for the same price, you can't increase the price for 2 weeks to cover the other for the duration of the sale then mark it back down. That is what has gotten people in trouble with this . Offers of free items or services (, buy a manicure and get a free eyebow wax, The price of the manicure better be the same the week of the sale as it was last week basicly .

  4. Hey Pam thanx for sharing your precious infos with us .question Im from Morocco and I sell internationally should I offer free shippin on items 35$ and over to US buyers only or also other buyers around the world? and thanx

  5. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.? Yes this will boost sales of small items that weigh nothing , of course it will , the market is flooded with small items , but think about it if [all ] of of you offered free postage do you really think your listing will fit on the same page [ so to speak ]…etsy has pushed this one before , at first you will gain a little from this practice , then its all down hill , the shipping price should be next to the listing price and next to that the total , etsy will loose trust , and respect although 20% of us folks will click if free shipping , etsy say hmm well how many bye it , and how many will realise its the wrong price . by searching comparison sites . then they will get back to you to find out the shipping price costs within , to see if there getting a good deal,, if not your shop will suffer

  6. Since I transitioned from flat rate shipping to free shipping, I have been running a permanent “sale” of 10% off orders of two or more items. It’s not an exact science, but it helps avoid buyers double paying for shipping and encourages multi-item purchases.

    For U.S. sellers I am very curious about how Free Shipping-gate will impact sellers who have a healthy wholesale business. I can see why Etsy dismantled their wholesale division before they rolled this out. They won’t want to increase their wholesale pricing to match the retail price with shipping added in.

  7. Excellent tips, Very informative… I believe it's illegal here in Canada too, to inflate prices and then claim that it's free shipping rather than Shipping included.  I'll be looking into that. Thanks again!!!!

  8. Pam, I do so appreciate your investigating this new Etsy shipping thing! When I listen to you about something concerning Etsy I see things clearly. You are a great teacher. (spoken from a former teacher of 20 years) Thanks again. I will be listening to all your Etsy explanations!

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