Yutaokuda Colourful Black Coloring Book Review

Yutaokuda Colourful Black Coloring Book Review

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I'd say from coloring quaint on net and today I want to show you a Japanese coloring book now I've shown you this book before in a collection or a whole video one of those and you know I wasn't too fussed on it when I bought it so like most things like fine wines if you put them aside for a year or so you learn to appreciate them a little bit more and that's often what I do with books that don't immediately take my fancy but sometimes why you might have seen them in a hall or a collection video and then later on you'll see them in a review or also because I'm just running light on everything as per usual but that is one for the reasons that sometimes books need to grow on me so initially I didn't really fancy this one even though it's got the bunny it's gonna black matte cover on it which does tend to get a little bit grubby card cover on the inside with the butterflies printed and there's beautiful dusty pink protective pages but I didn't find the drawings that inspiring in the beginning and now when I look at it I first got it so we all have our quirks so this is really textured line art and maybe I'm just getting more used to the textured line art and maybe that's why I like it more so we've got all these lovely animals and we've got some little thumbnails here of them we've got chipmunks we've got honeybees we've got parent kids we've got love as in a symbol of love we've got cats we've got a and a snake we've got all sorts of things so let's dive in and have a look so I've got some ideas here on coloring now you could scan this if you wish to translate the the text there and you can see how pretty it looks when it's actually colored in look at all this gorgeous data on here and here it looks really really pretty now it is smaller sized images so they might be a little fiddly for some we're on single pages and on the back in English and Japanese is the name of the page so here we have our chipmunk and this paper is really quite lovely it's off-white and very thick definitely a medium to heavy paper I don't know how it would go with watercolor but it would certainly go well with pencils as the pictures at the beginning showed now you can also see how the page is turning up here because the pages are perforated so up these lovely lots and lots of text to this so you don't really need to add a lot of shading it's not being done for you this lovely seahorse and isn't this birdy beautiful yes I could really imagine coloring in some of these maybe not all of them but I could definitely imagine myself coloring them now and I think sometimes you just need a bit of a bit of time with some books they grow on you like some books even if they're really popular when they come out sometimes I just don't fancy though and it's not until a year or so later that they've actually grown on me so you've got l.o.v.e so some things you know I love at first sight some art so look at all this fine ink line art here it really is absolutely lovely and it also be just lovely just to for and hang out without even coloring in at all if you're a fan of pen and ink work and you know I sometimes forget but I used to be engaged to a pen and ink artist and that was you know seven years or so and yeah I miss saying the pen and ink work that's nice saying it you know a coloring book and seeing all of the detail and the hard work that goes into that this one so much black and with so much detail in the picture so ow and he is our cover photo which is the gorgeous bunny love it and these flowers are very smaller I don't think I do very much on this because the flowers are quite smaller quite fiddly so it'll be hard to see and here we have our peace sign and our gorgeous butterflies now they are chopped off the bit and I think that's for the artistic look now gorgeous fish leaving a plume of flowers behind so really interesting lots of details some of these are so far and I wouldn't be able to just sort of see well enough to color the means so just go over the whole thing I'm not worried about all the itty bitty dose of it all the little fiddly bit to be too much for me and so there we have it we finish up and down gorgeous lime and let's see for our lovely Japanese coloring book until next time happy coloring

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